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Pyro Parts


I have a lot of parts I want to get for Pyro but the parts are limited in quantity so I am just waiting for things to come in.


What I have done:

  • Dark Tint
  • Tank Carbon Fiber Pad Protect

What I am going to install:

  • Special Heat Shields (2 pieces)
  • Clutch Slave Cylinder

What I am waiting on:

  • Front top fairing in Carbon Fiber
  • Rear fairing in Carbon Fiber
  • Ducati Racing Clutch
  • Ducati Red 520 Chain
  • Termognini Full Exhaust System




The Heat shields I got have a special coating to reflect the heat so that my legs don’t get as cooked as much. It really gets hot under my right leg so this will really help, it is made from highquality carbon fiber and a special heat reflecting coating on the inside. The manufacturer is Clay Carrier Composites who uses his expertise making components for NASA and Lockheed Marting to make these highquality bike parts. The STM Clutch Slave Cylinder will make shifting so much smoother and its a vast improvement over the stock Clutch Slave Cylinder.
Link: ClayCarrierComposites