Pyro Parts


I have a lot of parts I want to get for Pyro but the parts are limited in quantity so I am just waiting for things to come in.


What I have done:

  • Dark Tint
  • Tank Carbon Fiber Pad Protect

What I am going to install:

  • Special Heat Shields (2 pieces)
  • Clutch Slave Cylinder

What I am waiting on:

  • Front top fairing in Carbon Fiber
  • Rear fairing in Carbon Fiber
  • Ducati Racing Clutch
  • Ducati Red 520 Chain
  • Termognini Full Exhaust System




The Heat shields I got have a special coating to reflect the heat so that my legs don’t get as cooked as much. It really gets hot under my right leg so this will really help, it is made from highquality carbon fiber and a special heat reflecting coating on the inside. The manufacturer is Clay Carrier Composites who uses his expertise making components for NASA and Lockheed Marting to make these highquality bike parts. The STM Clutch Slave Cylinder will make shifting so much smoother and its a vast improvement over the stock Clutch Slave Cylinder.
Link: ClayCarrierComposites

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  1. BigB

    I just picked up the new R1 and i am looking for Heat shields too, any idea where can i get them from? thanks

  2. lfc-q8

    mabrook and i hope tri star can fix the stalling problem

  3. you’d think that the bike manufacturers of designers would take into account the riders comfort, but since you are adding there parts i am guessing they don’t

  4. isn’t the Clutch Slave Cylinder will make it harder,, too hard!!

    about the heat shield,, it will keep the heat away from ur legs but the engine will take all this trapped heat,, just my 0.02

  5. Mathew: that exactly what i meant (^_^) “

  6. eshda3wa: you know where to find me! Its all your choice! I always be riding! hehehe

    Big B: Very nice! Congrats! You can get some heat shields from the same place I think, but I will look around and see what I can find!

    lfc-q8: Thanks! Im sure tri star can do something!

    Laialy: They have a certain things in mind and they can’t do everything so they sacrifice a few things which make a difference! So you just get the higher end equipment with less weight so it works out!

    vampire: Its not harder, it just makes the shifts firmer and thats what I want. It feels alot better! Its open under the bike so no problem, its just redicuting the heat to other open areas so no problem! But the Clutch Slave Cylinder is very much needed!

    Mathew: Thanks for the link! Real useful info!

  7. Jafar

    A good quality bikers trousers will always act as a good insulator and prevents hot air going through to the legs. Heat Shields help alot but best with the correct trousers.

  8. but you’d expect rider safety to be at the top of the list
    i mean would u rather have your skin attached to your bike or pay a little more?

  9. u mean it will make the gear engagement faster ?! “
    that will make the bike faster by smoother power delivery to the wheels; less power loss

  10. Jafar: Doesn’t matter how good the bike pants are, if its hot down there it gets hot! I have tried a lot of different pants before, and it keeps a little heat out but not this much!

    Laialy: Designa and handling first which makes it safe to ride! The heat thing is a sidenote! hehehe

    vampire: you could say that, its also about your shifting!

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