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For the first time I have been to Avenues since it open, I took my mother there to check it out and see what all the fuss is about. First off its very spacious and there seems to be a lot of parking and different points to enter it. This is only Phase 1 based on what I understand but its still pretty big and they have only opened about 60% of the shops in Phase 1 so more and more will be opening.

I have to say that it is pretty disappointing for a mall of that size, the food court is really small, but you do have some choices. The shops are mostly catering to women and specifically clothing, jewellery and accessories. I have to say that its missing a lot of shops which would make it more interesting to go there. The problem is that there are no media shops what so ever, so there no reason to stop and read anything. I wish once they would open a large bookstore, and all it would sell was books, that would be very nice. Overall I think the mall is overhyped and needs some more work, and they need to diversify the types of shops they have. It also takes another 10 – 15 minutes to drive out of there because it seems they didn’t decide to clearly state how to exit, and if there is any traffic you will be stuck there for a while underground.



















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  1. F..

    Thnxx for posting up some pictures..wanted to see what the big deal about the avenues..

  2. It looks nice but I agree with you, with Virgin might be closing down we need a large bookstore. I wonder why they don’t bring Borders to Kuwait. Well, I hope by Xmas break there will be more shops…I heard they are opening the GAP.

  3. f: Yeah its just big and new, after a little while it will be a normal mall. I still like the seaside of Marina!

    Angelo: They are opening a lot of stores, it might be early to judge, but I dont think I will be going back there soon unless its to take people to visit it. But thats about it!

  4. jewaira

    Interesting review and photos.
    There is no real profit in opening a bookstore that only sells books. That is why you see most shops that sell books in Kuwait get most of their revenue from non-book items like stationery and magazines and other related items (example Jareer Hawally Park, Starbooks in Lulu Hypermarket, Virgin as well)
    Kuwait Bookshops in Muthanna relies on sales of specialty books to institutions too.

    Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have bookstores like Borders or Waterstone’s here but I don’t think it would be profitable and the headache of censorship would not make it worth it

  5. so basically it a copy of every other mall in q8, but bigger

    variety ppl we need variety!

  6. Sin

    dudee!!, i was there yest. too. i left at around 8:45pm, and i totally agree with you, they r being sexist with the majority of women’s stores;p..there are quite a few new brands but you can also see a few repetitions, pointless.

  7. for some reason it reminds me of an airport from your pictures

  8. So you didn’t tell me if you liked it or not?

    But I totally agree, we need more Books-Media outlets, we can’t just rely on Virgin and even that is closed so all we have is Jarir which is not really that great at the moment, I love them and all, but they need more variety and more stuff!

  9. jewaira: I wish they would remove censorship and they could bring a manga and comic section and let things go ahead. Also without the damn cencorship people can get a nice selection of books!

    eshda3wa: Variety isn’t on their list right now!

    Sin: yeah, its dissapointing I expected more for this supermall.

    Laialy: yeah it does have that huge size to it!

    Jacqui: I like and don’t like it! I like having options but the shops are really disappointing! Yeah we lack media places, but the government arent helping!

    MAZE: Can’t blame you really!

  10. you just said all the things i was thinking about when i saw it..
    there is still 2 more parts to be opened yet, it will include 2 hospitals and a hotel (thats what they said on tv when they interviewed al.shaye3)

    oh i would love to have a bookstore like waterstones here! it would be amazing

  11. Why can’t you people be optimistic? Not to mention a little of patience will do you good. HALF OF THE PLACE isn’t opened yet!! A whole phase is yet to come with tons of projects. Frankly I thought it was nice & different- I liked the selection of stores for women and I enjoy going there to buy stuff. I’m more than sure there will be electornic shops there and I heard about a few but it will take “TIME” for a place of this size to run smoothly!

    Maybe next time they shouldn’t be generous and let you taste a little bit of the cake- they should just wait until it’s all baked and then SMASH you with it :P hehehehe…

  12. 7imdo rabkom imsawinlokom a new mall- geez! Cut them some slack, be optimistic and support creatively- that’s how things improve people! Let alone a COUNTRY!!!

    You want a bookstore or an electronic megastore- MAKE ONE! Try…work hard…Kentucky Fried Chicken got smacked on his ass more than 99 times before his chicken got fried officially!

  13. Amo0ora: A hospital, now that would be interesting! yeah I really want a book store too! Something at least to browse this is just rediculous!

    Missy: looooooool! I will take the whole cake please!!! I would if I can!! Its not like we haven’t tried but the government keep knocking us small people down!!! And why is so biased towards women!!!

  14. Because, obviously, whoever constructed these shops understands very well that women rule and men drool =o)

  15. diversify ? in Kuwait ?

    you forgot rule #2 in Kuwait business , if someone else have a shop and its working , open another one same business

    rule #3 refer to rule#2 and open it next to the shop you saw

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  17. Great pics, Marzuq ! The trouble with any mall opening
    in Kuwait is the lack of variety in the retail tenant- genre mix.
    Invariably, you find yourself in the midst of ladies apparel stores, some more ladies apparel stores and even more ladies apparel/ cosmetics stores.
    It may extend to ladies accessories – shoes, handbags and costume jewelry. Opticians are also commonplace. Does everyone in Kuwait seriously suffer poor vision.? Fess up. That’s all there is. Like you rightly posit seldom do you come across music stores, book stores, hobby stores, shops like Genevieve Lethu selling fine crockery & cutlery etc. It would appear the entire retail scene in Kuwait is driven by the woman and her physical presentation. The opening of the Avenues is shout out
    to realtors to look to the likes of Peter Jones, Jenners of Edinburgh, John Lewis among others if they are to infuse some character to shopping malls in Kuwait.

  18. Umm…acutlly The AveNuEs !s Ma FavoRiTe MAlL …i LikE 2 MAke SHopPinG TherE ;) & iTS RealLy Co0l ,huGe & iT HavE HAlF Of My FAvoRiTE RestRonts In Q8..;Pp!

    and BTW yesterday i was there and i celebrait my BiRthDay There;D

  19. 5abal o0 ma5bola: I think it lacks in diversification but Forza pointed something out!

  20. So what do you think of the Avenues one year on? :)

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