Mazayen Al-Ibl Competition


There is nothing more then the title that I can say, I can’t believe they are doing this. Its taking place 70 Kms from Riyadh, they are having a camel beauty contest. And if it can happy anywhere it can only happen in Saudi. They also have 72 sport utility vehicles as prizes! Just read the link, there is nothing more I can say.


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. loooooooooooool

    wonder wat the pize is

    and does the winner get a tiara?!!!

  2. Jafar

    You missed out the one in Kuwait I think i was in January. I was thre .Will send you a photo by e-mail

  3. LooL
    unbelievable … someone really has some extra time and money on their hands

  4. السلام عليكم..
    مرزوق، الامر ليس بجديد،، بدأت ظاهرة المزاين قبل 4 سنوات بالتحديد، قبل ذلك كان الأمر لا يتعدى تجمع لا يزيد عن سوق اكثر منه مسابقة
    اما من اربع سنوات اصبح الأمر ظاهره ووصلت الاسعار الى الملايين والجوائز الى سيارات وتغطية اعلامية غير مسبوقة
    الكويت كما ذكر الاخ
    حاولت ركوب الموجة متأخره (كعادتها) لتستفيد من غلاء اسعار الأبل وكثرة الاموال في يد من يبحث عن الشهرة.. لكن بلا تغطية اعلامية

    لا اعتقد انها تختلف عن مسابقات جمال الحمام والماعز وغيرها،، هواة يبحثون عن تجمع وبهرجة لا اكثر
    كما قالت الاخت ليالي، وقت فراغ كثير واموال اكثر،،

    لو اخذت اجملها لما وجدت فيها ما يستحق الكلمة! هههههه

    دمت بود وعذرا للاطالة

  5. there are dog and cat beauty contests, why can’t there be camel beauty contests?

  6. tara its not something new, certainly not as wacky as lots of animal events worldwide

    i remember reading about it a few years ago, sheikh zayed had some of his camels there, and the qatari emir too. its a big deal to people who are into that

  7. Missy: Its close to Riyadh you can make it!

    eshda3wa: thats what I thinking! They get a landcruiser! hehe

    Jafar: Its interesting but as 3athby said it is a way of bring up the value of their stock!

    Laialy: yup, extra time and money

    3athby: it is very interesting to see all of this, but i didn’t think it would reach such popularity and such prizes!

    EniGma: I don’t know!!! Its just strange to me! hehehe

    Yazeed: It seems that is a big hobby for them and makes a lot of money!

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