Review: The Ron Clark Story


This is an interesting movie coming from Mathew Perry, he plays Ron Clark who is small town teacher who moves to New York to teach in Harlem and to inspire. This is a true story and suprisingly this is a very good movie for a tv movie. You really feel the genuine feeling among the kids, and how tough they have it. These kids have it rough and for being so young they have lost a lot of their innocence, but Ron dedicates himself to show them all the possibilities and that they are more capable then anyone else. This is a very enjoyable movie, you have this good feeling at the end of the movie.

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  1. The incarnation of “DANGEROUS MINDS” syndrome! The angel who falls from the sky and rades the school and brings peaceful metamorphosis to reform drug addicts and gangstas into saints =P

    I wouldn’t mind watching it though since I love Mathew Perry. I still watch “Fools rush in” and drool =P

  2. there are just so many movies out there that are like this, allow me to name a few:
    Sister Act 1
    Sister Act 2
    … should i go on?
    Freedom writers
    That movie the one Coolio made the soundtrack (gangstas paradise)

  3. Lailaly its called Dangerous Minds – movie with Coolio’s soundtrack
    and you forgot to mention Meryl Streep’s “Music of the Heart”- she moves to harlem to teach music to gangstaz… same plot but like I said I wouldn’t mind watching Mathew Perry hehehe..

  4. I saw this movie on Star Movies,
    its a feel good movie, thats all.
    and Mathew Perry’s girl friend(in the movie) is HOT !

  5. Missy: looool! Fools Rush in! Now thats cool! I liked this movie though!

    Laialy: Gangstas Paradise! hehehe! But this is a true story! how many can say that!!!

    Mathew: looool! Yeah she is nice!

  6. was

    the amazing thing from this movie is that its a real story!!!
    is not just a movie, it shows to the world that anyone can do it!
    search about ron clark

  7. connie

    Can anyone tell me the name of the song and the artist at the end of the movie when the credits roll? My movie cut off before I could get the song name!

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