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X-Box 360 Elite




The New X-Box 360 Elite is currently available. Its going for $479 and you get the 120GB Hard Drive and HDMI connection. It does come in all Matte black with all the extra features. But from the articles and comparisons if you currently have an X-Box 360 then you are better off keeping it and just purchasing a 120GB Hard Drive for the X-Box 360 and transfer everything from one hard drive to the other. The sound quality is the same, they are both using the 90nm chip so that hasn’t changed, and HD DVD quality isn’t improved so much that its noticable at 1080p. If you don’t have an X-Box 360 then this is a good purchase and if you do then just get the 120 GB Hard Drive.

Link: Engadget Elitevs.Classic

Link: Engadget Xbox UnBoxing