Traveling to London


I going to London on Thursday and coming back in a few days. Got a lot of things to finish up and I know that I won’t be packing until the morning. I just have to check how hot or cold it is there, I would prefer if it was cold, I like the cold in London.

I have some work during the morning and then I’m free to go to a few restaurants and movies. I think during my free times I will try to see as many movies as possible. I also want to pick up a few things, but I will see how much time I have. I just hope work doesn’t take too much during the day. I’m thinking if I can go to a few motorcycle places there, I will try to pick up some parts as well.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Enjoy pubbing clubbing and grubbing in a swinging London!
    And don’t forget the Curzon Soho Cinema & the
    ICA Cinema on the Mall, are itching to have your custom
    If you get the time on Saturday evening make sure to take in the
    Harinama at 19.40 at # 10, Soho Street London W1D 3DL
    It is strictly for cool people such as yourself – I am sure you won’t be

  2. Boy, am I just glad to hear you say you r traveling to
    London, and not to Do-buy?

  3. do u have a job opening ? i want to join ur company .. i love traveling :(

  4. troo7 w tirja3 bilsalama inshallah..


  5. so no Friday ride~!

    enjoy and be safe (^_^) “

  6. F..

    Haaveee great trip! enjooy london!

  7. jewaira

    Have a great time and I do hope it is cold for you :)

  8. jumping translocation: Thanks! I like Apollo Cinema more then any other really! I will check out Harinama for sure!!

    Jidda Jerry: loool! I prefer to go to Europe for work if I need to really!

    Financy: the job openings we have don’t have any travel tied to it, and just so you know! I’m paying for the nicer hotel, they only pay so much really! And the work hours are insane, but if you don’t sleep let me know!

    Laialy: alah esalmich!

    eshda3wa: I will go there for sure! hehehe

    Nora-Cassandra: Thanks!!! I will be looking for some parts, got a few things in mind!

    Amjad: alah eslamik!!

    Jacqui: thanks!!!

    Vampire: I meant next friday! hehehe

    F: Thanks! I will enjoy for sure!

    jewaira: Thank you!!! :)

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