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I remember back in the day when I had a the Tivo Series 1 and Tivo Series 2. I modified my Tivo series one to include a 200 GB hard drive from weaknees.com and I also modified my Tivo Series 2 after a year of having it by buying the modification kit from Weaknees again. I also bought a new ready modified Tivo Series two from weaknees after selling my Tivo Series 1. The modified one worked right out of the box better then the original with more capacity. I have to say that if anyone wants to modifiy there tivo or buy a readily modified tivo then this is the tivo to get. Its a fantastic store and great service, I love dealing with companies like these and they make the Tivo more enjoyable to have.

Link: Weaknees.com

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  1. You forgot to tell us what’s a Tivo ..

    I’m really lost. Excuse my ignorance

  2. LooL
    marzouq i am reading this post and there are a gazillion question marks on my face. i have no idea what you are talking about

  3. PseudoRandom

    Google is modern man’s best friend. Wikipedia is a close 2nd ;) .

  4. yousef

    Tivo works in Kuwait????
    please explain how do You set it up and what channels can you record?

  5. Don’t any of you know!!! Its a DVR!! Digital Video Recorder!!

    Amjad: hehehe! Its a DVR, doesn’t really work in Kuwait. Only in the states!

    Laialy: DVR!! Go to any Best Buy!!!

    Missy!!! What the hell!! Nobody knows what this beautiful machine is!!!

    PseudoRandom: Thank you!

    yousef: No, only if you really modify it! You can record anything on Showtime if you program it right, but I don’t know the steps.

  6. PseudoRandom

    Nice blog btw Marzouk. Especially your posts ( & pictures ) on food :D .

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