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Buffalo’s WLI-U2-(S)G54HG USB adapters


It seems that Buffalo is coming out with their USB Wifi Antennas this month. At first I thought they were only coming out with one USB Antenna for the PC. The usual wireless-g card can get about 150ft for a PC or Laptop but these antennas extend that distance to 1600 feet (500 m), there are two kinds of antennas they are releasing this May. One is a directional antenna with a strength indicator so you can figure out where the strongest signal is coming from and you can point it in that direction, and then there is the omni-directional one which sticks to the back of your laptop LCD. The omni-directional antenna is the one I am looking forward to trying, and I want to see what are the real results of using these antennas, 1600 feet does sound great, but I want to see what it is does in a building with multiple floors.

Link: Engadget