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London and the Side Streets


I’m walking around a lot in London, and just going from place to place after work since the sun doesn’t set here until 8:20pm which is nice, it feels like you still have a lot of the day left to you. And when walking in all the sidestreets you notice these nice stores, and different ones depending which sidestreet. I have to say the one thing about London is that there are a lot of Book stores! I didn’t notice the street I was walking down had so many used bookstores and some interesting theme bookstores. These are speciality bookstores which you have to go through to find what you are looking for. I spent a lot of time just sifting through all the old books, and I was just reading through a few of them. This street did have a lot of different speciliality stores which felt like I was walking through some history, it has this nice feeling to it. There was also an old map store which I spent sometime looking at old maps of the middle east which is always interesting to see how the West in the early days percieved our area. There was also a store with old photographs of actors such as Sean Connery, Peter Sellers, and many more.