Review: Shooter


The movie with Mark Walhberg playing an ex-military sniper. It goes as long in one path, and you see where he is in the whole picture, but then towards the middle everything gets flipped over and his skills as a sniper and trained soldier is what he has to depend on. This movie has an interesting cast of people such as Danny Glover and Rhona Mitra. The movie is always going at a constant pace, but things get interesting towards the middle and you get to piece more things together. A good amount of action with a great story line keeps you on the edge of your seat and I was very satisfied with the conclusion. Overall a great movie to watch and one you have to get as a DVD.


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  1. Mark Walhburg’s movies have been getting better and better! Now the minute I see him in a movie, I have to go watch it. I know in the least, it’ll keep me entertained. (Four Brothers, The Departed, Shooter, etc)

  2. i liked the movie alot,, the kind of movie that u want to watch it again

  3. Wayd 7elo el movie… I went with friends loved it so much, then took my family to see it.

  4. Mark is soo manly and hot, to bad he’s married :p

  5. MSB: Yeah his movies are getting really good and enjoyable! Same here when I know he is in a movie I have to watch it because its usually good!! All the ones you mentioned!

    vampire: yeah, I’m going to buy on it DVD! Thats for sure!!

    Yara: Yeah its that good!!

    Laialy: looool!!!

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