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Battle of the Cabbies!


I always find it interesting to see what kind of driver is driving the Black Cab I’m in. You always get some interesting characters and always with interesting stories. Some of them have something to say and some don’t, and some are good drivers and some are bad.

Then I get into this one cab who I ask to take me back to the hotel after a meeting and its 20 minutes away. This guy says sure no problem in cockney accent, I didn’t think anything about it. While he was driving he was talking to himself about the people around him, I knew this because he still left the speaker so I could hear him from the back. I thought there wasn’t much to it until somebody cut him off and he went nuts! He said “OYY!!!!” then he went after the guy which really surprised me and he got next to him and I heard some of the funniest insults in the world, for some reason I wasn’t worried I was just trying to hold in a laugh. Then he apologizes to me and tells me how every person on the road is a “wanker” hahaha! We get to the destination and I thank him for the entertianing ride.

Another Cab I took the guy seemed a little off, and when I got in the car he started by jolting me in my seat and he took off! I thought that was a nice start, then we got into some traffic and he was pushing his cab into the tightest spot. Then he got into a tongue lashing with another cabbie and it all started all over again, they were cutting each other off again and again! And everytime they passed each other they would lean on each other, there was a guy in the back of the other cab and he looked like he was having a heart attack, I was just laughing since they were doing this at such slow speeds it wouldn’t matter much. They kept far enough not to even touch each other, and there was fair use of sign language. I didn’t care since he was getting me to my destination quicker. And he would shout at a bus for blocking his way because he wants to get ahead of the guy next to him! When he got ahead he was congratulating himself, and I wanted to clap but thought it would probably be better to not do anything about it. And just sit and relax!

Usually most London Cabbies are pretty normal but every once in a while you find a crazy one! Always entertaining!