Review: Spider-Man 3


Fans have been waiting to see this movie since its anouncement, and I have to say that its worth the wait. Out of three movies, I think Spider-Man 3 is the best of all the three Marvel movies. When the movie first starts you see the development of Peter Parker’s life and how things have moved forward. There have been a few deviations from the comic story line as to how he became Venom, but only the comic book fans would really notice. I’m not a fan to Tobey Maguire but I have to say that he did a pretty good job playing the troubled Spider-Man. You see the darker side of Spider-Man and how something just don’t always go your way, and he is facing some tough odds. The action sequence is amazing, so many new characters and the old characters have been developed for a very interesting movie. This a movie everyone will like and enjoy with a lot action and you get to see the troubled parts of a heros life.

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  1. i’m going to the movie tomorrow enshala

  2. I can’t wait
    i’ll be watching it next week
    it’s pretty packed this weekend

  3. vampire: you will enjoy it for sure!!

    N: yup it was good!!

    Laialy: yeah its packed thats why I went early!!

    Nora: Worth the wait!!!

  4. the film is great on terms of director and antagonists, fighting sequence is good but not as SM2, Tobey& KD were bad, I laughed in the end when they were crying, they were the scar in the film, I hated the elongated songs and how they made it into a musical, and the flag was a deterrant…..!!!

    I liked the film but not that much…..!!!

    waiting for PoC:3, only 2 weeks left….!!!

  5. EXzombie: hmmm I thought the action was pretty good, better then SM2 by a lot! especially when they were the sandman and spiderman fighting! PoC3 is going to be great!

  6. dia

    The movieee Was greeeeat .. But what I hated was the fact that they killed One of the reasons why I went to the movie .. That Was Harry Osbourne ” james franco ” god bless him .. I love hisSmile .. I agree with you this spidey was the best !!

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