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Review: Priestess of the White (Age of the Five)

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This is a fantasy story about a girl Auraya who lives in Northern Ithania and she has the talent of magic since she was young. The Circlians are order who believe in Five Gods, and that is why it is called the Age of the Five. They currently dominate Northern Ithania after winning the War of the Gods, and so they are in a peaceful age. She was taught magic when she was young by a Dreamweaver named Leiard. These Dreamweavers are considered heathens by the Circlians since they do not believe in any god, and they have their own ways, they are peaceful yet despised by the Circlians. Auraya has to handle this situation with care since she has been chosen as one of the White, one of the five that lead the Circlians, and she is gifted by the Gods with more powers and she revered by Circlians and Northern Ithanians. With this she also faces one of the strongest foes the Circlians have faced yet the Pentaderians. This book by Trudi Caravan brings your imagination to mind and you keep thinking of all the magic taking place. There is more going on then it seems and even with all the events you still don’t know all that is going on. There are different characters with events taking place that all come into play at a certain point, and this book pulls you in so that you want to know whats going to happen next who is going to win. What happens to Auraya and other threats do they face. This is a very well written story, and Trudi Caravan has done very well with developing the characters for the first book of this trilogy.

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