Speedy Moto Custom Sport Classic


SpeedyMoto Custom 2006 Ducati Sport Classic. (SMSC)

This is a custom modified Ducati Sport Classic from Speedy Moto. Speedy Moto is one of the best aftermarket manufacturers for specific Ducati items. Their products have so much quality built into them, and you can even see that from the Custom Modified Sport Classic. They gave it a modern edge to a classic looking bike, I wouldn’t mind having something like that in my garage, I especially like the color they have used.




  • House of Color Tangerine Orange clear over Metalic Silver.
  • Custom 50mm exhaust with matched length thinwall stainless headers and duel megaphones.
  • Undertail battery relocation and wire/cable clean up.
  • Custom licence plate bracket.
  • SpeedyMoto Triple Clamps and Risers…Black.
  • SpeedyMoto Leggero belt covers with special matching orange center caps.
  • SpeedyMoto Kukri Pro pressure plate anodized orange with black Speedymoto Spring Cap Kit.
  • SpeedyMoto Clear Area 51 Clutch cover.
  • SpeedyMoto Frame sliders (09-0201)
  • LED brake light, custom duel element headlight.
  • Kellermann turn signals front and rear.

Link: SpeedyMoto

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  1. waayzerz, that bike looks hot
    but u see the little cover thingie on the front wheel (i know there must be a technical name for it) it’s too short

  2. s

    if i want to learn how to ride bikes and i have no past experience; is it too late? and is there a good place that offers riding lessons?

  3. Jafar

    That thing is called front Mudguard ! It would do the job even if it is short.

  4. That is wicked man!!!! :D

    I want that one not the bike my husband is buying for me to learn on!! Shadow (I think Spirit) Honda!!!! :( He said it’s easier to control and heavier for my legs to get used to holding up bikes! But I think I’ll be buying my Kawasaki Z1000 next year or the year after! :D

    Or I might win the lotto and buy a Ducati! ;)

  5. s,, it’ll never be too late,, i just learned how to ride and now i own a bike,, it’s too easy,, contact triStar,, they offer riding lessons for KD200,, they are pro’s

    that bike have a very sexy color,, other than that, it’s ugly :P~ and why the high handlebars ?! “

  6. vampire

    hope you injoy riding now

    that dicati bike looks too clasic
    the more you look at it the more am sure u like it detailz

  7. vampire

    hope you injoy riding now

    that ducati bike looks too clasic
    the more you look at it the more am sure u like its detailz

  8. Laialy: It looks hot for sure! hehehe! I think its fine, its like showing a little too much leg! hehehe

    s: you can contact tristar in Kuwait at 2405194 and they can help you and show you what paperwork you need! You can learn anytime its never too late!! Go for it!

    Jafar: exactly!

    Nora: to learn on this you would be wheelying everywhere! hehehe! I hope you enjoy any riding you do!!!

    vampire: What are you talking about ugly!! Its beautiful! Beauty is in the eye of the beholders!

    trixter: its got amazing work and they really did right!!

  9. looooooooooooooooooooooooooool
    you just took the image of your love for your bike to a whole other lever

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