Starting Vista Project – Installation


So I have this machine which I’m turning into the test subject. I got my hands on the Vista Enterprise Edition so it has all the bangs and whistles.

My plan:

  • Clean install of Vista, so starting from scratch, I don’t want to go with an upgrade.
  • I have all the drivers if they are needed


  • Overall from start to finish it took about 1 hour and 45 minutes, I had 4 discs for the install.


  • The questions are very basic and very simple

After Finishing:

  • I didn’t have time to play around with it but I ran into one issue.
  • My audio card on the motherboard wasn’t recognized by Vista so I don’t have any sound, I’m going to have to look for some dirvers for the hardware, but its not even showing up so I’m sure how to go about it.
  • It also didn’t recognize the Linksys Wireless adapter so I need to find the driver for that.
  • Recommendations:

    • If you currently have XP on the machine you should run the Windows Vista Hardware verifier which tells you if there is going to be any issues with your PC, it told me about my sound card which is integrated into the motherboard but I thought it would sort itself out, so I should have noted it. It also mentioned the Linksys Wireless Adapter.
    • Do a clean install so you don’t face any other issues which you may with a upgrade install of Vista

    It recognized my Nvidia 7800 GT graphics card as well as the DVD burner, HDs, and all other peripherals. I have to admit it does look good, and I’m looking forward to tinkering around with it a bit and tweaking a few things.

    A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


    1. i don’t think i’ll be migrating any time soon, i just can’t afford the headache and the stakes are high

    2. zoomzoom

      zoug you should get the ultimate

      “Vista Enterprise Edition so it has all the bangs and whistles”

      actually lack 2 feature that in vista ultimate:
      *Media Center
      *Windows DVD Maker

      “Overall from start to finish it took about 1 hour and 45 minutes, I had 4 discs for the install”

      wow that to much, it should even finish installing less than xp does

      people with mid to high-mid PC’s finish the installing in just 35 minute.

    3. Good luck with that
      i wanna switch in the summer
      along with an installation of ubuntu just to try linux out and see what all the fuss about

    4. maybe with my next PC!! that will definitely not be soon

    5. Thats Vista Upgrade Advisor Tool you need to run. I am Happy….

    6. Laialy: I can understand, I’m using a system I dont need really!

      zoomzoom: well for right now I don’t need those little add-ons! I was taking my time and working on other things at the same time. This also includes using the Vista Upgrade Advisor Tool. Thats about it, I was taking my time!

      Yazeed: I have used Linux before and I like it, but Ubuntu is more user friendly!

      vampire: I wanted to go through the process, it was easy but now I want to mess around with the settings!

      Cyber: I did, and it said that was the problem but I ignored it! loool!

      G-Funk: I was waiting for you!!!!! hehehe! In due time!

    7. I bought a new machine which came with Vista pre-loaded and I think its just has too much zing to it, Linux makes more sense, it doesnt eat up all ur resources and u have so much more power with tweaking it to suit your needs. Good post anyway and have fun with it.

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