This is the one place that has something for everyone. It might be a little on the expensive side but everyone seems to be entertained around here. You have food, cloths, books, furniture, bags, electronics and pretty much everything you could think off. There are four different things that entertain me in Harrods, the food section, Waterstones, HMV, and the Audio Video store. So whenever I go with someone I always stop at these places just to take a look around.









A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Azteca

    Man do I miss London, and especially the seafood bar at Harrod’s, they have the best oysters and Salmon marinated in dill…

  2. Love all the pictures you took. I miss well-organized bookstores. I’m tired of going into stores and handling dusty books. They always make me sneeze! You have a lovely blog here. I enjoy your commentaries :)

  3. i went there 3 times, but…
    who can afford their prices?!

    bytheway, harrods is owend by arabs :)

    and you can meet there the famus arabs (princes,….)

  4. Hasan.B

    I remember reading in the newspapers few weeks ago, that Investment Dar are considering to buy harrods!

  5. Azteca: Yeah its nice to visit every once in a while!

    CyberRowdy: looool!

    DiiGMaa: go there when you can!

    Zahra: I’m happy you enjoy the blog and I love those bookstores as well! They are just so well organized and a treasure of information!

    3mr: I know that harrods is owned by the Al Fayed Family which is originally Egyptian.

    Hasan.B: I don’t think they will since Mohammed Al Fayed is making too much to sell really!

  6. WOW…just wow. I better go there when I go to London and I like the bookstore…it’s really organized. *sigh* I would really love to get my new Harry Potter book there :)

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