More Upgrades


I just got my bike back and there were a few parts they have included in the last couple of upgrades since I got them before they were done working on Pyro.


Parts installed as of right now:

  • Dark Screen
  • Clear Tank PadNew Parts:
  • Carbon Fiber Tank Pad to replace the clear one
  • Clutch Slave Cylinder
  • Heat Shields (2)
  • Pazzo Racing Levers (Brake & Clutch)

I was happy they managed to install the new equipment while it was still in the shop, I’m really looking forward to trying it out and seeing how it rides differently. The one thing right now that the technical people at Tristar told me that Ducati is having a recall on the ECU since it is what is causing problems, and I hope they get it sooner rather then later.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Remember when you told me to buy a Ducati and I told you it’s been having many engine problems, and you said that they have fixed those probs? And now you say Pyro has one too!!! So it’s not just here in Cyprus almost every 5 new Ducatis sold at least 1 with engine probs in less than a year, not just ECM or ECU probs!! I’m keeping Kawasaki in my mind for now; I don’t think I would change my mind after a year!!

    Any way, Pyro is getting really spoiled and I’m sure he’ll be giving you a lot of love in return! ;)

  2. nora-

    will there is mitsubishi lancer and there is ferrari on the other side or porche even
    all have four wheels.but price is diffrent,design.performance,the fame(name) and many other things makes ferrari diffrent than a mitsubishi lancer,,
    that what make ducati,diffrent than your kawasaki

    (big ducati fan)

  3. the ecu problem is due to first production year,, i’m expecting any problem to pop up with my duc coz it’s also a first year production

  4. trixter : 1. I don’t have a Kawasaki yet!

    2. I think I am a great Ducati fan!! (I even like Eric Bostrom because of Ducati!)

    3. I wanted a Ducati since I was 18, and now when I have the chance was asking about the bikes from experts! I mean people who’re working with bikes, who know every single bike and the probs. they get!

    4. I can buy a Lamborghini and say I have the greatest car on earth, but if it has probs. then do you really think I would be happy??? (Kimi Räikkönen Drove for years with McLaren, but the engine probs drove him crazy… it doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good name!!!)

    So did you get what I was trying to say? I never said something bad about the Ducati. It’s still is in my things to get list. But till the probs they are having get solved, I won’t risk buying one! You could be a prince, but if I know you are messed up, why do I take a chance going on a date with you?

  5. Laialy: loooool!

    Mathew: yeah it seemed like it needed more tweaking then they could do!

    Nora: the 1098s only problem was the ECU, but the bike is 100% rideable, and one thing I am telling you for sure, if you rode this bike the little problems it has will seem like hiccups! Gaurantteeedd!! But the 1098 is also a much better and more reliable bike then the older ones. I ride mine pretty hard and no issues yet!!! Hopefully it will stay that way! On another note all the 2007 Yamaha R1s are having ECU problems and they are being replaced as well so its not just Ducait, any new bikes needs sometime to figure out all the problems and work them out! I just hope you are riding sooonnnnnnnnn!!!!

    trixter: Ducati is fantastic peice of art but it has had its fair share of problems over the past decade but now they are a lot less and I think Nora can have her opinion of any bike she wants, and she can change it when she rides one! Its that simple!

    Vampire: Don’t worry I don’t think you will face that problem, its only because this Engine is so new that there are some quirks to work out!

    Nora: buy a 2008! loool! problem solved!

  6. :D

    I think that will be too expensive for me! But well never nay never! ;)

    Ps, I’m more of a chopper and Harley Davidson person and it will be my pick after 10 years when I’m done with the race bikes!

  7. Nora: Exactly!! Get it when you can! You are too fast for a Harley! I can imagine you cutting up the mountain lanes with your GSXR in 10 years making those youngins think their new bikes are crap!! You will never been done with race bikes, its in your blood!

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