Tire Ring



This is one very interesting ring design its very simple based on car, motorcycle, and mountain bike tire design. This is interesting since I haven’t seen something this differrent for men’s rings since the stainless steel and concrete rings, and I still prefer the concrete rings to this one but these are pretty interesting.

Link: UnCrate

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  1. They’re ‘different’, but I liked the concrete one posted before a lot. It ws simple and more masculin & nice to look at.

  2. zabo0o6a

    that’s so0 co0l , i have somthing else in mind :P now i;m loking for swatch red the silver,gold, and navy blue is available except for the red one :S

  3. Laialy: Thats what I thought!

    Carlsb3rg: I still prefer the concrete ring!

    Nora: hehehe! Nice!

    Missy: I agree 100%! The concrete one feels masculine!

    zabo0o6a:loooool! U went into details that got me lost! hehehe

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