2007 Hamann Ferrari 612 Scaglietti




Sport suspension, body kit, and exhaust system makes this Scaglietti look and handle even better then before. There is something about the Scaglietti that I like, its different then the usual Ferrari and I think it has a different attitude to it that I like! I wouldn’t mind getting behind the wheel of this beauty!

Link: SeriousWheels

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  1. Katie

    Ååå nice!!!

    It’s going on my wish-list!! But.., I guess I can only dream of finding it gift wrapped outside of my apartment.. :o( If anyone care I want it in black.

  2. this is what u can call a GT car,,
    personally,, i prefer the F430 or the 599

    very well done though,, clean, yet aggressive

  3. Katie: looooool! I think its great really like you! I don’t think I will be in one anytime soon really!

    vampire: yeah I like its aggressive look!

  4. Letmego

    Is it just me? Or does it look like the Aston Martin DB 9?

  5. I will agree with you on that it’s different attitude… But I still don’t like it, I think only the side looks kind of nice, but the only Ferrari that I care about is the F1 (and that’s because of Kimi Räikkönen), other than that they are out of my list! But if some one offers it for me for free I’ll take it! :D

  6. Letmego: I think its sleeker then the DB9 and has more of an Italian feel to it!

    Laialy: same here!

    Nora: hehehe! Anybody would accept it for free! I think its a beautiful machine!!! hehehe!

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