Review: The Invincible Ironman


This is the animated movie of Ironman, and I am huge fan of DC and Marvel Comics so I used to read it from a while back and I really enjoyed Ironman. What attracted me to Ironman is because he was the most human and most vulnerable superhero, he is someone you could become, a person who is an everyday person who has problems to deal with like everyone else yet he fights the bigger fights even when he is beat he gets back up. A real hero, he takes all the punches thrown at him and dishes it back. This animated movie had to condense a lot of history of Ironman since his story goes back to the 70s and so they had to modernize the storyline a bit. I didn’t mind the slight modifications since they stuck to main theme of Ironman. The animation was pretty good and I think everyone who was watching was enjoying it since it has a good story and the storyline keeps you entertained. Tony Stark needed more development in my opinion so that you can get the depth of his character and in the comics he is one of the darker heroes and I wish they got that across. A good thing is that they showed all the different types of Iron-man armor with the different technology which was good. A few parts of the storyline felt rushed and I wish they took a little more time to develop it or made this movie into a few different movies with slightly variant storylines, but overall if you like comics then you will enjoy this animation, and if you are a comic purist then you really won’t like it. I really did enjoy it, and I wish there was more to watch.

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  1. for some reason i know what ironman looks like but i never paid attention to his story

  2. @ Laialy_q8
    Tony Stark is a millionaire playboy and inventor who was injured while on a mission in Vietnam. He has a piece of shrapnel lodged in his heart that threatens his life. So he creates an Exoskeleton that provides life support and enhanced power and strength, His alter ego is Iron man and to the rest of the world Iron man is Tony’s personal body guard. Whew !! hope thats clear enough ! :)

    @ Marzouq
    isnt the Ironman live action movie coming out sometime this year ? maybe after Fantastic Four 2 comes out ?

  3. Laialy: He is well known but you have to really like him to know his story!

    Mathew: Right on the dot with that one! Yeah the Ironman movies is coming out in 2008!

  4. Lexicon

    isnt ironman pro-bush or somethin like that? haha

  5. Lexicon: I don’t think thats the case! I don’t think he even knows Bush!! hehehe

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