The Black Cab!


I think that the London Cab is the most enjoyable vehicle to ride in. You can to look around at the scenery, you have a large amount of leg room, and you have all the buttons next to you. It really is traveling in comfort, sometimes you get those guys who want to pick you up by car but try to avoid them even if they are cheaper then the black cabs. Sometimes you might get a cabbie who tries to take a slightly longer route but that has been rare with me. I really do enjoy riding in the back of the cab, the driver is usually helpful, I feel very safe, and I do enjoy long rides in the cabs from one point to another. I think that the black cabs can only really work in city areas such as London and highways around that area because the speeds on their highway are limited to a certain amount. I know for sure the Black Cabs wouldn’t work in Germany since they have areas with no speed limits and that isn’t what these vehicles are meant for. So I think the Black Cab is perfect in London and its fun to ride in!




A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Purgatory72

    Cabs are expensive.

  2. blastic

    black cap is CRAP.. and expansiv.
    the secret of London is “Under Grownd”
    or in other way in here “tube”

  3. purg: yup!

    blastic: I think the tube is the secret or even the buses, but you have to admit the black cabs have personality!

  4. yup! black cabs do have personality. I love the rides. Expensive I agree…but when I am tired, I have no other choice. I dont want to take 1000000 steps up and down in the tube stations.

  5. hehehe your shoes’eez look a little funny, BUT THEY ARE CLEAN and that’s whats important ^_^
    isn’t the universal color for cabs yellow!!

  6. ???

    I agree. Personally, these cabs are my favourite means of transport in London eventhough they’re more expensive and could take longer to get to your destination.

  7. Wow! huge legroom !!
    love the shoes. I had a pair just like that before it became a victim of my bike’s gear shift lever :(

  8. I get car sick so sight seeing from a cap’s window is not for me, if they don’t want me to be getting sick in their cap! :(

  9. They look quite comfortable…wayyyy better than NYC cabs :)

    They remind me of UAE’s cabs and how fancy they are…some of them at least.

  10. Cyber: I agree with you 100%! Sometimes you just have to take one and when you do its enjoyable!

    Missy: wayed moreeee7! Soft bottom too! I can walk around and not feel a thing! looool!

    Laialy: They are really comfortable! Yup always clean! The universal color for cabs in the UK is black!

    ???: Yeah but they are fun!

    MAthew: yup lots of leg room! Thanks they are damn comfortable! I don’t wear them when I’m riding only when walking around or going out!

    Nora: loooool! Sorry didn’t know you get car sick!

    Amjad: thanks!

    Angelo: They are really comfortable, much better then any taxi cab for that matter! I think they are much better then the UAE cab!

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