45C and Riding!


I want to work on my bike, and so when the day ended early I was going home at 1:00pm and it said 43 C in the shade and as I was riding it became 45 C! I couldn’t believe how hot it was but I was still enjoying it as long as I was moving. The heat shields are doing the job, they are redirecting the heat so that they are cooking my legs now, and the bike seems to be running smoother even in the heat! Previously the normal running temperature would be around 78 – 88 F, but now with this heat it was running 90 – 101 F, which is a big difference. Even with all this I was riding and enjoying it, now that its getting hot I will be taking more showers again. In one day I took three showers because of the heat, but I was still enjoying it, it felt like a complete workout, I was drenched and felt great after the shower.














A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I am sooo not looking forward to the heat!
    damn its not even mid may yet!

    bike is looking hot though :P

  2. Yazeed: the heat is tough but we can deal with it!! Thanks!

    eshda3wa: It would be better but I love the sunlight and I do love riding! Just that feeling while your moving and riding early enough there isn’t that many people on the road, so I love it!

    Rayboy: He is getting a few tweaks getting ready for the summer ride! I have plans…. lots of plans!!!

  3. now i know what r u talking about,, “The Sweat Riding”

  4. lfc-q8

    Z u should change ur gear at least get something white in color it will help a lot better then the black in the sun

  5. even if its that hot but there is enouph time to injoy rididng like from 4am to 7am

    or at night
    by the way the biggest bike gathering ever were last year around mid may at 7pm
    we were meeting at TriStar then we headed south to mr behbehani chaleea
    around 77 bikes and more than 100 freind were there
    thats just for the record

  6. i needed a shower just by reading this post.. Marzouq 7ARRRRR!!!!!!

  7. yewk, it sure is hot
    aham shay the picture of your reflection .. reminds me of Horror movies @@

  8. Lucky me!!! It’s raining here!!! About 18c!! I have some cool month or so before the 40c!! :D

    I love spring rain, but man it’s not just rain anymore… Its storms in a strange time of the year!!! It was 34 just few days ago!!! I was telling you I love Cyprus it’s all year long riding country… I’m just trying to kill myself, in gym, school, work and home!!! Can’t wait till I start riding!! :)

    Ps, Pyro is gorgeous!! Glad you’re enjoying your time with him!

  9. vampire: Now you know the truth!! hehehe

    lfc-q8: I did change my gear up, even my helmet! I’m getting cooked! hehehe!

    Cyber: loooool!

    trixter: yeah, thats a good time but I got to sleep sometime! That would be an interesting meet for sure!

    EniGma: loooool! offf kan 7ar!

    Laialy: looool! yes the reflection was neccessary! You should have seen my expression!

    Nora: I wish for 18C! That would be impossible! Your doing all that, you must be in shape! I need to get into shape again! Thanks, I like how Pyro is turning out!

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