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Book that returned with me!


I have to stop myself from going overboard when I’m inside a bookstore, the problem is when I pick up a book and start reading and then I went to take the book with me. The most difficult thing is putting the book back in the shelf and walking away. I also came to the conclusion that you have to buy paperback instead of hardback book since you would be traveling. The hardback books fill up your back and make it feel even heavier then it already is. There were books that I picked up and there were books that I noted to order online because they were hardback, and their were some books that I could wait for and some that I couldn’t walk away from.


These are the books I picked up from Waterstones:

  • 24 – Behind The Scenes by Cassar and Sutherland (An Essential Book for any Library!!)
  • Thief With No Shadow – Emily Gee (Fantasy)
  • Innocant Mage – Karen Miller (Fantasy)
  • Sovereign – C. J. Sansom (Fiction History)
  • The Interpretation of Murder – Jed Rubenfeld (Thriller)
  • Operation Typhoon Shore – Joshua Mowll (The sequel to Operation Red Jericho)
  • Nathan Fox Dangerous Times – L. Brittney
  • Atomic Sushi – Simon May (Humor)
  • Web Design: Studios 2 – Taschen

The rest I will be ordering online at a later point!