Book that returned with me!


I have to stop myself from going overboard when I’m inside a bookstore, the problem is when I pick up a book and start reading and then I went to take the book with me. The most difficult thing is putting the book back in the shelf and walking away. I also came to the conclusion that you have to buy paperback instead of hardback book since you would be traveling. The hardback books fill up your back and make it feel even heavier then it already is. There were books that I picked up and there were books that I noted to order online because they were hardback, and their were some books that I could wait for and some that I couldn’t walk away from.


These are the books I picked up from Waterstones:

  • 24 – Behind The Scenes by Cassar and Sutherland (An Essential Book for any Library!!)
  • Thief With No Shadow – Emily Gee (Fantasy)
  • Innocant Mage – Karen Miller (Fantasy)
  • Sovereign – C. J. Sansom (Fiction History)
  • The Interpretation of Murder – Jed Rubenfeld (Thriller)
  • Operation Typhoon Shore – Joshua Mowll (The sequel to Operation Red Jericho)
  • Nathan Fox Dangerous Times – L. Brittney
  • Atomic Sushi – Simon May (Humor)
  • Web Design: Studios 2 – Taschen

The rest I will be ordering online at a later point!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. aham shay 24 :p

    and i want to see what Atomic Sushi’s about! :p

  2. Swair, “Atomic Sushi” is an interesting book. It’s about this guy that is appointed to teach Philosophy in one of Tokyo’s most prestigous Universities. In each chapter he discusses his interpretation of some ‘everyday’ Japanese concept, such as ‘love’, ‘marriage’, ‘attitude’; it might remind you of “The Pillow Book” by Sei Shonagan, but set in a modern male perspective setting. I haven’t completed the book to fully judge but I find it biased in some ways, but definately worth reading. The jokes/anecdotes are cruel and bitterly funny =)

  3. Such a lovely addiction. And, it keeps us out of the bars . . .

  4. you can never have too many books!
    theres no such thing

    i always buy ALOT of books when im abroad i have to cargo them in boxes

    what are the bookx ur ordering?
    any interesting titles?

  5. What a nice collection. I kinda sometimes judge a book by “its title” so I’m kinda interested with “Thief With No Shadow” and “Interpretation of Murder”. With a lotta time to kill this summer, I’m kinda searching for some books to read. I will definitely check them out when I visit Borders.

  6. 2 out of the 30 look interesting

  7. Swair: yup! 24! Lazim!

    Missy: You nailed that on the dot, but I think he is more on the entertaining side then being too biased! He is just giving his perspective of being Gaijen!! Which I find to be hilarious!

    Laialy: looooool! What do you do with those big networking books?

    Intlxpatr: yeah, completely addicted!

    eshda3wa: exactly, but not enough space really! I cargoed my books once, and that was heavy as hell! I will post up the list of books, and some are pretty interesting really!

    Angelo: thanks! I think you will really like Thief With No Shadow, it seems really interesting with a mix of magic and technology!

    K8: are you talking about the innocent mage? That is an interesting book for sure!

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