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Chillin Night

So I passed by my cousins this Thursday night since I have hung out with him for a while now. He has been traveling and I have been traveling. He also just had surgery done to have something removed which would have caused him some problems, I saw this as opening to attack him if he annoys me since he still recovering.


We had a clear set agenda:

  • Orange Sherbert
  • Heroes Episodes 19/20/21
  • Dinner
  • Friday Night Lights Episodes 16/17/18/19
  • Orange Sherbert



I was happy he provided me with adequate quantities of ice cream! I also have to say that Heroes is just INSANE!!! I can’t believe that the season is ending, I really can’t get enough of it, I want to watch more. I was just happy for once we could watch a couple of episodes instead of just watching one episode which it has been like for the past couple of months. Friday Night Lights is still damn enjoyable and I hope they keep the show going next season since I heard they might not bring it back.