12 Minutes and Back


It has been a weird relaxing day, I have been watching anime in the basement and I have falling asleep in the basement for the past couple of hours too. So I have had to repeat a couple of anime episodes to go back to where I left off. Its been nice, but I wish I could stay awake and continue watching. After taking one of those 30 minute naps I got the sudden urge to get ice cream, there wasn’t anyone that could get me ice-cream so I got up got the Landcruiser key and drove straight to the co-op, when I got there I managed to find a parking spot and walked straight to the 31 Baskin Robins kiosk and ordered my 4 scoop chocolate chip, but only after trying a few different flavors like usual. Some of those colors don’t match the taste, but they do taste good. Then I went back to the basement continuing my anime episodes in complete satisfaction. Driving to the Co-op picking up the ice cream and driving back took a total of 12 minutes and I wasn’t even speeding, I just wanted the ice cream!









A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. LooooL
    jam3iyat mishref
    *bad memories*
    ice k’reaaaaaam @@ i think i have some chocolate and vanilla in the freezer

  2. Bo Saleh

    The most important thing is that u post it @ 1 am and am reading it @ 2 am … like we don’t have work in the morning !!!
    i cant sleep now thinking of the Ice Cream !! “eshtaheeet” :s

  3. Im watching an Anime series called Kenichi :s

  4. Laialy, was just about to say the same thing lol.

  5. Zahed

    i want the same thing right nowwwwwwwww

  6. 4 words

    http://www.tv-links.co.uk ok that wasn’t really 4 words but whaatever. anyway if your into anime go to that websiite and select the anime tab. they’v got everything from naruto to inuyasha. and its all up to date

    and actually leaving the house to get ice cream? kudos.

  7. eshda3wa: why the silent treatment?

    EniGma: I had to! It was too good!

    Laialy: loool! yup! I love that jam3iya! hehehe!

    Bo Saleh: adree work is insane, but I had to post it up! loooool! aham shay eshtahait!

    Jacqui: alittle more detail please, which one you watching?

    Pearls: looooool!

    Zahed: soon you shall have!!!

    Tanga Roja: yup it was!

    K8: I’m happy I got you to go get some ice cream! hehehe! I’m checking out the link, but I follow a lot more then whats there, I follow the japanese schedules which are insane and a lot! Too much to keep up with really!

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