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Torrent Spy


Torrent Spy is one of the largest torrent search engines online, and I think a lot of people use it. What is driving me nuts now is that Qualitynet has decided to block it as it blocks Torrentz and some other Bit Torrent sites. This is getting rediculous, this isn’t a mistake and I think everyone should shoot them an email giving them an opinion of what they are doing.

From what I have heard since a lot of people download from torrents that might use protocols and equipment to strangle the downloads of torrents only and leave the rest of your surfing alone. This is getting very real, and they might stop torrent usage since it is eating up their bandwidth and it seems they might not be making enough profit since we are using the bandwidth we are being charged for, and we are being charge a huge amount. I hope everyone spreads the word and shoots them an email.

Qnet: [email protected]


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