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Torrent Spy is one of the largest torrent search engines online, and I think a lot of people use it. What is driving me nuts now is that Qualitynet has decided to block it as it blocks Torrentz and some other Bit Torrent sites. This is getting rediculous, this isn’t a mistake and I think everyone should shoot them an email giving them an opinion of what they are doing.

From what I have heard since a lot of people download from torrents that might use protocols and equipment to strangle the downloads of torrents only and leave the rest of your surfing alone. This is getting very real, and they might stop torrent usage since it is eating up their bandwidth and it seems they might not be making enough profit since we are using the bandwidth we are being charged for, and we are being charge a huge amount. I hope everyone spreads the word and shoots them an email.

Qnet: [email protected]

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  1. السلام عليكم
    لا اعلم على ماذا تستند كواليتي نت في حجبها مواقع مثل هذا
    المفروض انهم خبراء بالانترنت ويعرفون ان محاولات الحجب لا تزيد الا معرفه وانتشار
    وزيادة اصرار من قبل المستخدمين للدوران حول الحجب
    هناك مئة موقع للبحث عن ملفات التورنت غير سباي
    وبرامج التورنت تحتوي ميزة تغيير البورت
    اذا فكروا في اغلاق البورت ربما

    طالما ان طريقة التفكير نفسها متمسكة بالشركة

    مادري بس تعلمنا بالكويت ان التلفونات الى المعارف تغير كل القوانين اما ايميلات الى موظف ليس لديه اي قدرة على تغيير القرار ما تحرك اي شي


  2. Q8expat

    Even… Fastelco has blocked Torrent Spy… the second one in a week.. they blocked isohunt (nother torrent site) last week.. this is getting so bad..

  3. Is it ok if i copy your post to my blog bas 6ab3an saying its ur post? to spread the word coz i use torrentspy too :(

  4. torrentspy has a lot of porn ads on the site, that should be a good reason to block it !

  5. WTF!!
    blocking torrentz!
    this is getting rediculus!

    im emailing em right now!

    how am i supposed to download all these pirated movies and shows to fill up my hot summer days when i get home!

    illegal activity should be allowed!
    long live piracy!

    and im NOT being sarcastic!

    i know it’s hard to put fiber cable in … but in the long run they will benefit

  7. moodless: alah bil khair! I don’t think your correct in that idea of thinking. Just because they are an ISP doesn’t mean they know better, the main issue is that they are putting their needs before the customer’s needs and they seem to be blocking things left right and center! I don’t think that is right, in Kuwait we have the freedom of speech and choice, there is protection for the sake of deceny then I understand but in reality I don’t think should just block a medium because of one or two issues. They are doing this for the money and its simple as that.

    Q8expat: I thought everyone left Fastelco because of their horrible service! This is getting bad!

    Yara: please go ahead and copy what you want! Spread the word!

    Vyyvaa: I don’t think it should be blocked just because of those ads, thats rediculous! I don’t think that they blocked it just because one or two images! It has been the same for the past 4 years what changed now!

    eshda3wa: exactly! We need it as a source of entertainment for all our shows! I agree with you 100%! Down with censorship!

    Laialy: They don’t even know what the last mile problem is, let alone to address! They don’t have an implementation plane and they aren’t moving forward! they are wasting their time! Its rediculous!

  8. I donno why everyone is bitching about blocks. then what proxies are for? most of the times once you download the torrent tracker files(through proxy), you can download the whole stuff easily coz ISPs block the domains and IP along with it…and trackers got a different IP / subdomain which is not blocked.(I am talking this from my experiece….guys dont get on my head with your stupid comments)…..marz you know what I am talking about.

  9. Personally, I always preferred eMule over any other Torrent client. Lots of sites out there with the right ED2K links. And I agree with Cyberowdy’s comments about not worrying about proxies etc..nothing can ever be blocked on the ‘net.

  10. MX5

    Hi Guys, I work in a ISP and i know why these sites are blocked. ISPs dont choose what to block. I was working when we Received a fax from MOC (ministry of communcation) to block some of the torrent sites. Its no difference if we block them or not. I mean, if you think about it, it costs ISPs more money to block sites then to unblock them because you need special equiment to block sites. And trust me, they are very very expensive. Besides, just use a proxy to a access the torrents sites, download the torrent you want and use the torrent program to download the files you need. Trust me dont waste ur time and send an email, if they reply they will say that it was MOC who had requested it and you can’t say no to the goverment. Thank god for Proxies :). Hope things get better.

  11. “t costs ISPs more money to block sites then to unblock them because you need special equiment to block sites. And trust me, they are very very expensive” cough cough!

    its same equipment or piece of software that blocks / unblocks…it will not cost “more” money coz the investment is already made, which is a part of a basic ISP infrastructure. Almost all the q8y and international ISPs use SmartFilter which is an upgradeable database.

  12. Just e-mailed them, I am really annoyed, why do I have to go through the trouble of using a proxy just to get my Greys anatomy fix.

  13. Purgatory

    Just for info, it works now, maybe they can release also?

  14. Cyber: I am using a proxy now to access it, but why not bitch about it! I know exactly what your talking about that you can’t block the individual trackers, but my question is do torrents work specifically on certain ports. If not then they can’t block it hopefully!

    The Aggressor: Things can be blocked if they want to! It just takes a lot of effort, and people can find work arounds. I only use eMule for music, everything else I use torrent!

    MX5: I appreciate your explanation but I have to point out that the ISPs already have the equipment, it isn’t an extra investment, be it software or hardware they have it working on their network. And MOC CAN’T force anything on an ISP, its recommended and what the hell does MOC know about torrents! They don’t even have their own emails let alone know what torrents are! Thanks for giving somesort of an explanation!

    Cyber: We are both in the same field so we have an idea of how they operate around here and what equipment they do have and your right on the dot. They already have both HW and SW to do it.

    Dyxio: exactly, I don’t want to have to go through a proxy! Thats just annoying!

    Purg: its still blocked for me, I tried it a couple of time already!

  15. MX5

    Hey guys, i didnt say they didnt have the equipment, but they wouldnt need them if the didnt have to block sites. They would just need a cache system and thats it. No SmartFilter ( which BTW, CyberRowdy, is not used by all ISPs, Its being replaced with Blue coat) As for MOC, what would you do if you were asked by the MOC to block something. You have to have to obey the MOC orders, thats one thing that every ISP in kuwait has to do. Ask anyone that works in an ISP. We recieve Faxs almost daily from MOC to block sites. Take care and i hope the rest of the torrents sites stay open .

  16. MX5: Thanks for the update, yeah you guys do have Bluecoat and its annoying how good those things are at blocking! I think most everyone has Bluecoat or some sort of HW blocking system, but inside the Bluecoat you do subscribe to smart filtering system so you what you can and can’t block. Like you said its hard to say no MOC! I just wish they leave the torrent sites alone!

  17. MX5

    So do I Marzouq. And you are right inside Blue coat we do subscribe to a smart filtering system.

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