Belkin Wi-Fi Phone for Skype


There are a lot of use for Skype especially with all the international calls people make, this makes Skype very useful. Skype to Skype calls are free, but to land lines it is a very low fee. With the Belkin it totally frees you from the use of your computer to make Skype calls, you sign into the phone with your account. The phone can only handle single Skype accounts, to sign in with a different one you have to sign out using the keypad to put in the password.

The battery power only lasts about an hour of usage and there is a charging base. This phone can only be used in free wifi spots such as your home, work, or friend’s place. It won’t work in a pay type network which requires a payment interaction to access the network. For a first gen Skype phone it is a great phone and going for $160 its reasonable comparison to the other Skype phones out there.

Link: UnCrate

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  1. I have that phone, I bought it so I could use skype while travelling and did not want to haul out my laptop just to make a call. As you mentioned, the wifi needs to be free without one of these logon pages that you find in public wifi. Unfortunately, you rarely find free wifi so it was not much use to me except at home.

    At home, I have my bluetooth headset connected to my laptop while I make a skype call, so I don’t really need the belkin phone.

  2. I thought about what Don Veto was saying
    i think this technology needs to have more capabilities and time to mature

  3. Don Veto: Yeah if its logon wifi you can’t do anything about it!

    Laialy: For a first generation phone I think they did a fantastic job!

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