Halo 3 Sales


It seems that Halo 3 is going over the top as expected, four million have been sold already and it hasn’t even been released yet. The expectations for this game is high, just as Halo One increased the sales of the original X-Box, and later Halo 2 brought more people into the Halo scene. The bar has been set high and people can’t wait to get their hands on the X-Box 360, four million sold and counting.

Link: XboxEvolved

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  1. I can’t waaaaait

    i just hope i dont find much Koreans playing with us , those koreans kick our a$$e$

    ” Hello , Me am Korean ^_^ “

  2. Financy: loooooool! I got my ass handed to me a couple of times but I can dish it out too!! Can’t wait!!

  3. flibberty jibbert

    this is the most exciting thing to ever happen in the everexpanding world of online gaming.There are alreay more “netizens”, including the number of alias’s in the world, than people currently in the world. Therefore we must form a faction which will advance the goals of this culture beyond those of the others. all power to the gamers!

  4. flibberty jibbert

    we gots the skillz!

  5. dude, i cant even believe the graphics…they are so sexy, i walked through a bush and water fell of the branch…im just upset because i already beat the game, so i guess im left with xbox live…see u on the web!

  6. flibberty jibbert: looool! Its going to be insane! We are united by games!

    cajie: I’m with you, its insane! I didn’t think this post would be #2 on google search!

    jamie feie: Its just insane, I can’t get enough of it! The best part is playing online with a friend!!!

    louise: yup!

    Brandon Wirtz: We shall see what Sony Does!

  7. Zanzibar

    I bet the whole team at Sony is playing Halo now. Halo is a very hot game. The graphics are gorgeous and the online game is smooth and exciting.

  8. Chaos

    Halo3 is amazing.the game is so cool it makes everyone playing it cool.if you whant to look me up on XBOX LIVE my username is chaos b12. Anyways great work bungie.

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