Recovery Day!


When I got up at 5:55am this morning I had one plane for the day, after I cleared my head of all work thoughts, which was to get home and sleep at 4:00pm since I felt like my mind and body has reached its limit!

I was off by a few hours, work was insane and non-stop, its been like this for the past three weeks. I got home around 6:35pm and I don’t think I could operate any longer. I had a late lunch with my mother, then we adjourned to her computer area. I was reading a magazine while she was surfing and 10 minutes later I passed out and woke up an hour later only to go to sleep for another hour after that. So I slept from 7:40 pm until 9:40pm. I was also talking to my mother inbetween these sessions and I thought I was conherent but it didn’t seem to be the case.

Then we transfered to the tv room and I slept there for about 30 minutes until 10:30pm, and all I was doing was napping everywhere. I woke up and had some mango before transfering to my bed and continuing the cycle of sleep for the next day. Today was a full mental shutdown.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ALLA y3eeeenk :(

    7ASSA b hash3ooor… tired w makw noma san3a w loaded w wayd ashya w z7ma :(

    ALLA y3eeeeeeeeenk

    atmnalik noma haneya ..

  2. i felt drained just reading about how drained you were!

  3. 1. noom el 3awafy
    2. i am soo jealous
    3. i will be eating Man’Gos Soon

  4. Sum1: It happens bes inshalla at somepoint I will catch up with sleep! Alah e3een el jamee3 inshalla! :) alah ehaneech!

    eshda3wa: yeah, its been draining lately!

    Laialy: alahe3afeech! inshalla you will have all the mangos you desire!!! soon! :)

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