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Review: Sony 2 GB Mirco Tiny Vault




This is one of the smallest 2 GB memory stick I have seen on the market. I have been using a huge flash drive to carry around with me in my brief case to transfer files at work and other things if needed. I wanted something smaller that I can carry with me every where but those USB key chain type memory seemed slightly bulky for me.

When I found this little piece of memory, I thought it would fit my needs perfectly.

The memory stick is a little thicker then a credit card, it comes with a small rubber pouch which can be used. The pouch itself keeps it protected and doesn’t let it fall out at all. I have been using it for the past few weeks and I am very impressed with it. I use to transfer media files for myself, and documents and important things for work between computers.

It has worked with XP, Vista, and OS X without any issues which really surprised me. One thing I kepted in mind is that when they come this thin they have to sacrifice something and for this memory stick it was speed. Comparison to a normal sized memory stick it is a bit on the slower side but its not that bad. The other part which is slightly annoying is the green color, the 1 GB comes in a nice blue, I wish they had other colors to choose from or something less flashy, but for $50 I’m very happy with it.

Link: Amazon