HP Laptop Lineup


It seems HP has revamped its whole line up of laptops with the Santa Rosa platform.

Pavilion Laptop:

  • dv2000, dv6000, dv9000
  • 14.1 inch, 15.4 inch, 17 inch (all widescreens)
  • Core 2 Duo
  • Nvidia Graphics 8400M
  • built-in cameras (optional)
  • Wifi 802.11n (on some models)
  • $999, $949, $1199

These are going to be released over the summer starting in July and their prices seem reasonable for the items you are getting.

Link: Engadget

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  1. DeReD


    i think they have renamed the model number. For Eg, Dv6000 is now Dv6500..

    Pretty sure about that..

  2. Purgatory

    What about your advice for people to wait till later in the year or next?

  3. Dered: I just meant the series, not the exact model!!

    Purg: You can wait for the SSD HD, but this upgrade is worth the difference in money. Its very reasonable pricing really. Wait until the end of the year and you will get good deals on powerful machines!

  4. i must say their advertisements are pretty nifty on TV

  5. Don’t buy from HP.
    I had 2 dv2000’s in November, and sold one. The one I kept stopped working a couple of weeks back. HP said the disk was faulty, and they would replace it. I asked for the old disk to be returned so I could send it somewhere to have the data retrieved. They said NO you cannot have it back, we give you a new one, and return the old one to the manufacturer. I told them in that case, they must retrieve all the data and put it on the new drive. They said they can’t.
    Conclusion? Do NOT buy from HP if you need a computer for business. I was out 6 weeks without this laptop. Meanwhile, an ACER laptop I had for 4 years developed a similar problem. ACER in Thailand picked up the laptop, copied the entire contents of the old HDD, put it all on the new HDD, and it was as if nothing had changed. They also threw in a new motherboard as well as they had one in stock.
    Too bad HP sucks, you’d expect them to offer support for data-critical equipment. They don’t.

  6. Laialy: We don’t get them so I wouldn’t know!

    moocherx: wow! Thats great that Acer did that! HP is too rigid when it comes to these kinds of things! I just have to say that their hardware line up is impressive, but the support seems to be bad as you mentioned!

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