The Aftermath



So after waking up I had a nice meal, but then I saw that there was this interesting looking chocolate cake in the corner of the room. It looked strange, but I was told by my brother that it tastes amazing and the cup cakes are good too. After dinner I’m usually not the type to eat sweets since I consider that a meal on its own. But this time I just tried the chocolate cake from my brothers plate. It tasted AMAZING, I couldn’t believe how good it was, it just tasted blissfully amazing, after that I wanted my stomach to empty out so that I could sit down and devour this cake. Now all I’m thinking about it getting my hands on this cake again!




A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Azteca

    Where did he get it from?

  2. Sin

    i need to know from where??? It looks bloody amazing itself!!

  3. jewaira


  4. hmm, chocolate cakes always made me forget about my diet!

  5. i’m looking at that big cake photo at the top, and wondering if “aftermath” meant… it was a full cake ‘before’ you saw it and ‘aftermath’ was what we see after you took your slice… As for those muffins? Pah! – no cream.

  6. zabo0o6a

    you gotta tell me from where u got it? or at least the ingredients i’m so0 hungry and the picture isn’t helping :P

  7. ‘3al6aaaan you show this to me !! im a choco-holic !!

    please min wain !? it loooooks AMAZING !

  8. Ro0Nii

    Allaaaah! it looks amazing!
    Where can i get it from? aw ingredients plz!;pP

  9. Ro0Nii

    Allaaaah! it looks amazing!
    Where can i get it from? aw ingredients plz!;pP

  10. Tr.Rami Haroty

    Iam really interested in your articles but lately iam sorry to tell you that iam starting to get worried about you. You might say that iam rude for saying this but my bad. Iam a private physical trainer that has a private gym, and i would love to train such a talented man, i would definetly give you a good offer for the training. You must cut food down alot my friend and non of those heavy snacks… dont worry ill explain everything. Voooouuuuuummmm Vooooooouuuum eheheheh ive got a boike too :>

  11. Azteca: Not sure!

    Pearls: nope, but somebody who has a shop made it!

    Sin: I will have to get the information about it!

    jewaira: To say the least!!!

    rieanne: looool!

    moocherx: looool! The cup cakes have chocolate moose inside it! I didn’t have anything but a spoonful!

    Zabo0o6a: I will get the info! Everyone wants to know! I just eat, I don’t ask!!

    offmyhead: its better then you can imagine!

    Mathew: I will let you guys know!

    Amo0ora: loooool! I will let you know, I’m going to find out!

    Ro0Ni: It was amazing! I will find out and post about it!!

    Tr.Rami Haroty: Don’t worry! I’m not eating that much! I just take a ton of pictures! I just need to start going to the gym again! I hope you enjoy your bike a lot! I know I am!!!

  12. LOL Bel3afyah :)

    I have a severe sweet tooth myself. Whenever I have a meal in a restaurant, a dessert plate must be followed or otherwise I’ll get dysfunction the whole day.

  13. yesterday a friend brought a home made chocolate cake and it is the best one i have eat in this world
    but i saw it in front of me and i couldn’t even take a bite, my stomach is not coping well with food :(

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