Lexus IS-F coming Kuwait


I previously posted about the Lexus IS-F, and it seems Lexus are now taking orders for it. It will be in production for 2008, a 400 bhp sport sedan from Lexus. Some people are putting down payments on it. I think that this is an amazing vehicle and probably good value for your money. I would take a Lexus IS-F over an M3 anyday.



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  1. i would take it over an M3 bcoz of the less expensive mods and the availability,, but the M3 is more hardcore

  2. so this is where my brother got the news from
    i demand compensation, we were going to travel now he is going to go get the car :(

  3. Amjad: yup its nice!

    Vampire: I think the M3 doesn’t have the sport concentration that it should have! Thats why I think this is a much better car!

    Nora: yup!

    Laialy: looooool! In the words of many Kuwaitis “Ana Shakoooo” looool!

  4. Laialy:
    Who knows, it might be out of my league =P

    Any idea how much it’s going for? ;P

  5. Berserk-KW: loool! I’m not sure though, I think around 16K KD, I know that you can put a deposit for it.

  6. I contacted Lexus yesterday, and I keep getting idiot sales representatives.. They tell me that it’s not coming to Kuwait. Then I say fine, could I bring the IS350 (which is the american release of the IS, with a slightly bigger engine than the IS300) and they tell me it’s a hybrid that will not work here..

  7. Berserk-KW: They are idiots, I’m talking about people who know things inside out there, they are putting money down for the order and its coming out!!I have watched it, I just need to write the review!

  8. Marzouq:
    I talked to the Manager of the Sales Department..
    And he did mention that they are seriously thinking of bringing it to Kuwait, and to call back after two weeks or so that he might have newer information..
    So if your friends know somebody..
    Please point me in the right direction :'(

  9. Berserk: It seems this requires my intervention. Let me see what I can do and get back to you! The least I can do is ask!

  10. Thanks alot Marzoooooooooooouq =D
    if i get it, wanna race? =P

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