My Vista Project III


I am making some progress with the customization and fixes on this machine. The customization is all due to the gadgets the I downloaded to the right toolbar which are very useful for me, there are some which I love and some which are cool. The machine itself is very smooth and I had a bad image of how Vista was going to be but Microsoft did put some decent effort into this program. There are still some compatibility issues that they need to work out so if you don’t need to change then you are better off waiting a little while longer, this isn’t my main machine so I don’t have to depend on it for critical tasks, I am enjoying the interface and finding out the new ways to modify it. It feels like a similar but in a different way.

I solved the sound card issue by downloading the Vista driver for RealTek AC655 and it operated smoothly after the driver update and without restarting.

The only pending issue is the ethernet card, it seems that Vista is having some driver issues with Vista products so it seems I have to wait. For right now I’m satisfied with the use of the Linksys G-Wireless adapter.

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  1. I am getting bored with vista LOL…1.5 years of use! lots of changes from the first copy I received from them part of the enterprise beta…but things have changed a lot…lots of improvement and also lots of feature removals from what they promised..I am waiting for windows 2010…a.k.a Windows Rowdy!

  2. DeReD

    Opps donno how that happened..

    Comment is mine!


  3. DeReD

    Babe Slide show and 24 Clock are the best!

  4. Of course you know that there are few (or alot) of microsoft’s “Critical Updates” for Vista, though it’s a new opsys and it was supposed not to have them so quickly, they are mainly concerned with the security issues, and downloading or applying them is itself a nightmare, so why don’t you give this site a try, those people do a REALLY good job.


    btw, how big is your screen size, for this very very long sidebar? :)

    I’ll be waiting for part four of your project.

  5. CyberRowdy: loooool! I could imagine if you were working on it from day one! You do know all the ins and outs, then I will be shooting you some questions! Windows Rowdy now that would be funny!

    Dered: got it! loool! I got both!

    Laialy: its pretty nice but still it needs some tweaks and some compatability to be cleared up!

    لمياء الحالمة: Thanks for the link, I will be using them extensively, they seem to have a good grasp of what needs to be fixed! My screen is a 20.1 inch but I have set it up vertically so the screen orientation is different, and I get to surf around things a lot easier then before! Got a few things for part four to cover such as the gadgets and other tweaks.

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