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X-Box Live May Update


I have been looking forward to the May Update of X-Box Live since then I could stream different types of media files from my computer to the X-Box 360 and watch it on the basement. But like any update there is some bad that comes with the good, what they failed to mention when you update is that if you are outside the United States it will have a slightly constraining affect.

Everyone knows what the update was supposed to do here is what they didn’t mention:

  • You can no longer download media from the X-Box Live Marketplace, specifically movie trailers which I find is dumb, why wouldn’t they stop you from watching movie trailers. I have my settings on the US as the local area with my information pointing to a US address with a US credit card and billing address. So they seem to be stopping it by geographical location.

I find this to be very annoying, and if I knew this was going to happen I would not have updated my machine, but its too late now and I’m stuck with it. I still do enjoy X-Box Live but I would have enjoyed downloading those movies and watching them in high definition.