Hed Kandi is known for their Dance compilation, mixes, parties, and different music production company. I like their music because its chill and gives you a different feeling, but it seems they have done something different. With Monarch Airlines they have branded their own planes which go directly to Ibizia from the UK. I just think the plane overall is interesting and different, I really like their artwork so this is one different looking plane.

Link: Hed Kandi

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  1. it does look like a plane thats gna fly you over to a party :)

  2. Judy Abbott

    where is that chocolate cake from?
    does it have marshmallow?

  3. eshda3wa: exactly!!! thats what I thought!

    Judy Abbott: I posted some infor in the next post!

  4. another painted plain !!!!
    i wonder if they are pimped out from the inside

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