Everyone hears about it here and there especially when you see Tom Cruise or John Travolta. I think they have championed Scientology and trying to get it into everyone’s head yet they are so secretive.

A BBC report John Sweeney went undercover to investigate them and it seems he was being brainwashed by them even though it was just an article he was doing. He gives a larger breakdown of what these people are up to and the things that happen seem unreal.

From what I have understood its a “pay as you go cult,” not that I know everything about it but every time when you read something about them they seem to be a little on the nuttier side then most people. They are also out to destroy all psychiatrists, saying the psychiatry kills which makes no sense.
To go up on the religious level and to find out more information about the truth to the religion you have to make large donations. And then you find out that an alien named Xenu put some particles here over 75 million years and things went from there.

Also when ever someone joins the Scientology religion they send the disconnects to their family and friends, and they never contact them again.

If you are looking to their religion and trying to find out information they chase you away and make sure you are harrased in every form yet they won’t admit to it. They have a lot of money because of the advancement process which is tied to the donation process.

The article puts a lot of things to light, and its really worth a read if your interested in just knowing about them.

Link: BBC Article

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  1. looool What do you expects when an American Science Fiction author such as Mr. L. Ron Hubbard creates a religion? It’s based on Eastern concepts in my opinion- Just exchange “the goal of attaining complete Thetan freedom” to “nirvana”- all mystic gibberish if you ask me and Hollywood figures are famous for ’em.

    Though, it is quite natural for celebrities to join cults and secret societies either for money gain or for pure publicity! They’ve been doing it for years now; Mozart, Beethoven, Walt Disney, Theodore Lyons, Albert Pike, Roosevelt and all his president friends etc..etc..were all Masons; then you have modern day Madonna and Spears and company who are into other (yet again) Jewish created cults.

  2. I think I’m gonna name my new dog (yet another!) Xenu, because she also leaves particles all over the place.

  3. Missy: They got everything covered but these nut cases are hilarious with what they do, and borderline creepy sometimes!

    moocherx: looooool!!!

    Berserk-KW: yup I remember that, some cast member left because of that!

  4. Marzouq:
    yup, Chef left the show because of it..
    also, if you notice the credits, they didn’t put anybody’s names, except for “Jane Doe” and “John Doe” so they don’t get sued =P
    y3ni bege9oon 3al 3aalem moo ohma emsowyn el7alqa =P

  5. Terryeo

    So how do myths resolve Dyslexia; which is what Tom Cruise says. There’s a bead missing in the string when 100 people say “helpful”, but 100 others chant “myth, myth, myth”.

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