Thursday Night


I went over to my cousins place on the very dusty day, ready to start our usual marathon. On my way there the roads were so dusty that I was sliding around on all the turns which was quiet entertaining. I got there and the first thing I ask for was some Orange Sherbert but that wasn’t readily available. We started off with Friday Night Lights, and I have to say the show just keeps getting better and better! I really do love this show and the season finale was great and I’m happy NBC signed it up for a season 2!



We were then interrupted by the arrival of our other cousin! He was late, very late, and he wanted us to stop watching Friday Night Lights (The Season Finale) to chat! What Blasephomy! We stopped and he wouldn’t answer some of our rediculous questions, but it was entertaining bagering him with rediculous ideas! He was annoyed with our ritual of marathon, but all will adhere to it!

Then started watching Sleeper Cell for a bit and then we stopped it since it wasn’t that good of show, I was disappointed really. We then swtiched to something a lot better, and I got to watch the most important scene in 300! It was fantastic! I don’t know how many times I have seen 300 but I still can’t get enough! THIS IS SPARTAAAAAA!!!!



A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. jewaira

    what a gorgeous room.
    Do you have a photo of the entertainment center? The design is lovely.

  2. jewaira: yeah its very nice, much nicer in design then mine! I didn’t take many pictures since its his place. I think the entertainment center is one of the nicest around, simple and nice. I will ask him if I could take more pictures.

  3. wow, I like your Friday gathering tradition. I think I’m going to start an one here in my place.
    sorry for my bad English writing

  4. Loca in Kuwait

    Only one of my friends likes to veg in front of the tv for some serious film watching, so I do it alone. Probably better so I can watch without to much chit chat, but then theres no one to talk with when it’s finished. :/ I walk around my office in a low yell saying SPARTAAAA, hehe my coworkers get a kick out of it because 300 is such a fave of mine, they all joined the bandwagon now. Do you have any rainbow sherbert?

  5. red

    love the show one of the best this season … cant wait for the second season

  6. what’s the point of showing ur legs…:P

  7. zoomzoom

    i want this dwaniya looks amazing :)

  8. Oh my god, how much do I love FNL? The finale’s game was pretty good, watched it with my younger sis and boy cousin and we got so into it that we were yelling and cheering for real. Of course my favorite game was definitely the Mud Bowl game.
    I miss all my Panthers, Matt’s uuuuuuhs, adorable Julie, Tim’s idiocy (how awkward was his ‘comedy’ on roast night). I am plagued (plagued!) by what’ll happen to my characters. Will Coach and Mrs. Coach split up? Will Tim graduate? Will Tyra live up to her potential? Will someone put Lyla out of her misery? Aaaargh I need more football!

  9. Muh’d M. Mansour: that was a thursday gathering every once in a while! looool!

    Loca: loooooooooooooool! SPARRTTAAAA!!! No rainbow sherbert only orange sherbert on our end!!! My cousin and I have a special way of going about things when we watch and when we stop.

    red: same here it was fantastic!

    MAZE: Thats not mine!

    zoomzoom: its nice!

    SnoCone: yeah the Mud Bowl was fun! I loved playing in the rain! Its fun sliding around and tackling people into the water! loooooooooool!!! U really are into it!! Its a fantastic show and the characters are all so damn diverse its great!!

  10. loooooooooooooool
    every time i see the clips of the movie i am motivated to work out

  11. What type of projector is he using ? didn’t see any speakers around ! if hidden what are they.. why don’t you just post the spec of his Home theater ?

  12. Laialy: yup!! Exactly!

    G-Funk: He has a 5.1 setup with Meridean speakers because it is dark they are in and around the enclosures. The project is a 8 year old HD project the ones with three colors, its still amazing, and he has an Onkyo Reciever. Overall a fantastic setup with the right sound tuning and perfect screen. I think its around 120 roll up screen, so it doesn’t show when no one is there. I hope that answers some of your questions.

  13. Marzouq:

    What type of projector is it ? LCD ? CRT? . there wasn’t no HD 8 years ago :-D it could be RGB but not HD .

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