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Thursday Night


I went over to my cousins place on the very dusty day, ready to start our usual marathon. On my way there the roads were so dusty that I was sliding around on all the turns which was quiet entertaining. I got there and the first thing I ask for was some Orange Sherbert but that wasn’t readily available. We started off with Friday Night Lights, and I have to say the show just keeps getting better and better! I really do love this show and the season finale was great and I’m happy NBC signed it up for a season 2!



We were then interrupted by the arrival of our other cousin! He was late, very late, and he wanted us to stop watching Friday Night Lights (The Season Finale) to chat! What Blasephomy! We stopped and he wouldn’t answer some of our rediculous questions, but it was entertaining bagering him with rediculous ideas! He was annoyed with our ritual of marathon, but all will adhere to it!

Then started watching Sleeper Cell for a bit and then we stopped it since it wasn’t that good of show, I was disappointed really. We then swtiched to something a lot better, and I got to watch the most important scene in 300! It was fantastic! I don’t know how many times I have seen 300 but I still can’t get enough! THIS IS SPARTAAAAAA!!!!