Ride & Shave



The weather has been horrible for riding for the past couple of days and the dust has settled down. I wanted to go riding but I wasn’t sure when I was going to go. I decided to get a shave my head and get a shave. It was great, 5 minutes to shave the top, and 20 minutes to get the right shave it felt great.

The weather was a litte on the hot side, and there was a decent amount of traffic, but every once in a whlie I would get a nice cool breeze. It felt like it has been ages since I last rode, I really do love riding and the feeling is just amazing, even in the heat I want to ride, my mind is just concentrating on the corners, velocity, throttle, traffic, and whats coming up ahead, all that with the music blaring, it was great.



A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. i went riding yesterday as well at 7 pm but there was too much traffic for me so i went back to dewaneya,, took another ride at 10:30,, weather was OK then

  2. 1. na3eman
    2. glad you got to ride
    3. poor robo :p

  3. vampire: yup there is a lot of traffic! That is what I keep telling you! Watch out from the traffic!

    Drunk_n_Gorgeous: Thanks!!!

    Evil Knievel: looooool! Just a nice clean goatee!!! hehehe

    Laialy: alah yin3am ib 7aalich! I loved riding, and I will be riding soon as soon as I get an accessory!

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