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After so many years Blizzard has now decided to reintroduce one of the best games of the 90s! Starcraft 2 is coming out with a different type of gameplay and amazing graphics, if you should play any game this year it should be this game. They are introducing some new ideas into this game and it seems very close to the original! I just hope they don’t ruin any of the old gameplay, I would really like to play this on one player first and then let the LAN games begin!

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  1. Carlsb3rg

    My initial impression was WoW III with futuristic units. I Hope they’re not using the same engine.

    In any case, I wish they bring it to Xbox360! and WTF happened to Starcraft Ghost??

  2. Carlsb3rg: I don’t think they are, I think they developed a new one for this game. At the time I think they were too concentrated on Warcraft and the success and to keep it going then to make anythin else at the time! I remember Starcraft Ghost from years ago, but now I’m looking forward to this! I honestly want it on a PC, not the X-Box 360 for the sake of using the keyboard and mouse!!

  3. This is great news, I was waiting for Forza 2 and Halo 3 and now this one. I agree this is a PC game and needs a handy mouse for it.
    I hope it can be played offline and then add some WOW attachment to it so get it into realy online warfare/

  4. Even though I’m not a big fan of Starcraft…it is a respectable game in the end so I’m pretty sure the news has made everybody who is a big fan of the game happy. I presume my cousin is jumping out of joy right now :)

  5. Mmm.. played the original for 4 years at uni! Awesome LAN based strategy game. I’d love to play this one too.

    Marzouk, you’re right about playing this on a PC. For me, game consoles just don’t bring the mouse+keyboard power control that a PC does. Especially when it comes to strategy games.

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  7. Have you played diablo ? from blizzard ?

  8. صالح: I agree 100%

    fadibou: same here Halo 3 is number one and now this one! I really want to play!!! I think I will become a vegetable in front of the PC!! It will be great!!!

    Angelo: loooool! Everyone should be happy for this grand day!!!

    sabah: exactly I want to get the game going! It will be great!!!

    My Life – Sabah Hussein:  yup its gonna be great, reminders of the past with new developments!!

    Drunk_n_Gorgeous:  exactly!!!!

    Rayboy: yup!! I loved it!! Even the expansion! I wish they make it again!

  9. dude

    it will never come out for xbox360 or any other game consol just pc. this is so because they won’t be able to fit all the controls on a controler they NEED a key board and even if they have a keyboard that is compatable for a game consol
    i still don’t think it will ever come out for anything other than pc

    P.S. i heard some where that starcraft MIGHT come out in 2010 but no sooner :(

    srry to break the bad news

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