Next Planned Upgrades


I have been fixing up the 1098s with more and more parts coming out to the market, but since its still such a new bike a lot of parts are on back order so I have had to wait a lot for a few parts, and for some parts I had to wait a long time for my items.

What I have really wanted is giving Pyro a real aggressive look which will happen now since Shift-Tech has gotten the Carbon Fiber parts I want in stock. Pyro will be a combination of a black (carbon fiber) and red. I just have to be patient for delivery at this point.

  • Top Fairing Carbon Fiber
  • Tail Piece Carbon Fiber
  • Rear Tire Hugger Carbon Fiber

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  1. make sure they pack it well to avoid damage or scratches

  2. I walked in tristar show room the other day to check out that 4 wheel bike.. of course you came to mind.. it’s wierd how you think of someone yet you haven’t seen how they look like.. lol

    well.. it was very late and we left after that.. cos they wanted to close..

    I think the upgrades you are getting are just perfect, I hate it when people go crazy and just install everything.. sometimes the combination of the right parts make the bike look so much better than changing the whole look of the bike..

    btw, do you know if I can show case my bike and try to sell it through that dealer? I mean this bike is gonna bring in lots of people just to look at it if they parked it right.. what do you think??

  3. he is going under the screw driver again, so soon :p

  4. Vampire: Will do!!!

    The Don: looool! Happy I pop into your head! Thanks, I do try to make tasteful modifications to personalize my bike and keep it in its realm of riding! Too many parts doesn’t make it better!

    I honestly don’t see a reason why they shouldn’t put your bike, the worst they can say is no, and if anything let me know! Lets see what we can do!

    Laialy: loooool!! Hopefully not for too long!!

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