Phone Prices Kuwait May 07


Price: 210 KD


Price: 160 KD


Price: 140 KD


Price: 135 KD


Price: 105 KD


Price: 75 KD


Price: 130 KD

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  1. Hasan.B

    No new mobile for me until apple launches the i-phone!

  2. Hasan . B : You are right all the way :-)

  3. Carlsb3rg

    Is it me or Nokia phones are fugly?

  4. Laialy: yes very reasonable!!

    Hasan B.: no clue when its coming ot Kuwait!!

    G-Funk: You are the first person that should have it!!

    Carlsb3rg: really? I think they are cool looking!

  5. Marzouq : Of course . Been waiting for it since forever , IT shouldn’t be in Kuwait not until early or late 08.

  6. It seems the prices are cheaper than here in Oman.

    Recently I bought the Sony Ericsson W880/W880i for about O.R 170. Its something like 170 KD.

    How much is it there?!

  7. geo

    virgin probably

  8. Biohazard

    I bought the k810i days ago, seems awesome so far.

  9. Sojourner

    E90(communicator) is slated to be released soon.Very good reviews
    posted on it

  10. G-Funk: Your probably right about the timing but they will probably bring it earlier and it will be rediculously expensive!!

    NiGhTFaCe: Its around 135 KD right now.

    Jacqui: from Sharq walking around that area! Why?

    geo: you are incorrect! from Sharq as I just mentioned to Jackie! I haven’t been to Virgin in over 6 months!

    Biohazard: yeah, everyone I know that has it is very happy!

  11. Marzouq : The iPhone will be locked to AT&T wireless here in the states which means it will not work with other SIM cards except the ones from AT&T . We’ll have to wait and see

  12. Hasan.B

    I think it will be available next month in the states but as G-funk, it will not work on other sim cards. But should be available worldwide in dec. It should have a fixed price.

  13. G-Funk: yeah but there must be a way to unlock it! The lock is always software and there will be somebody who will figure out a way!

    NiGhTFaCe: No problem!

    Hasan.B: Yeah Apple won’t be dropping the price thats for sure! Everyone who has an iPod wants an iPhone to go with it!

  14. what the hell..

    i bought the 6300 the other day, he told me for 95 (nokia store)

    then i went to a normal phone shop, he told me 85 but he gave it to me for 80..

    where are these prices ?

  15. Amo0ora, I believe that dealerships’ prices are way higher than prices of regular stores.

  16. I’m surprised electronics are more expensive in Kuwait. 135 KWD is about 180 OMR so the SE is cheaper in Oman. I bought a Nokia 6300 a month ago for 90 rials, according to your price list, the price in Kuwait is 75 KWD which is 100 OMR.

  17. JIbin

    hey could u get me the review and price of nokia E61i in kuwait….

  18. zabo0o6a

    the n76 lo0ks so0 damn amazing , have i mentioned that my is next week :P

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