Buffalo 3TB Terastation Pro II & Live


Buffalo has now come up with its third iteration of their successful NASs.

TeraStation Live (Consumer Oriented):

  • iTunes Server Capability
  • DLNA Adherence

TeraStation Pro II (Business Oriented):

  • UPS Support
  • Active Directory Support
  • A few extra admin features

Regular Features:

  • Two USB 2.0
  • Four Hard Drives
  • Raid 0,1,5,10

Both going for $2,499 which isn’t too bad but its still a little steep in my opinion. You have other choices out there like the Drobo and Infrant NV+.

Link: Engadet

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  1. if 1 TB cost 195 KD now in kuwait , i would wait a bit before dumping money on 3TB

  2. forzaq8: yeah your better off getting a few 1TB storage then getting this one!

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