Cosmo Bowling


I have passed by Cosmo Bowling in Shuweikh almost a thousand times now, and this was the first we decide to go there after work. I have no clue what it looks like on the inside and I didn’t mind going with my coworkers. So we headed over there, and I have to say its really nice on the inside. I haven’t been bowling since 1996 and I know my skills in bowling are probably no better then a two year olds throwing skills.


Its really good since its only 2 KD per person and you can have a lot of people on one lane, and each game is 10 times to bowl all on the computer. The names we decided to go with can’t be mentioned because they were very inappropriate but they were hilarious. We played two games, and we were laughing like crazy, some of the guys were really competitive.


My consistency in bowling was ZERO!!! I was sometimes get a strike (or X as I would call it) and sometimes I would hit the gutter, aiming was possible at some points but at other points I couldn’t hit the pins for the life of me! I was enjoying it, and I think I fouled a few times, but thats what the computer told me. It was a good time, and you could see families, friends, coworkers and all kinds of people playing. Its worth a visit if you haven’t been there!













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  1. I passed by it few times while I was in Kuwait last February, but I had no time to visit it. I can see that it looks nice from the inside as well as the outside.

  2. Muh’d M. Mansour: yeah its pretty nice!! I think its a nice place and well designed and great fun!

  3. i dont like the place. wayed loya oo ma9bana and isnt family/girl friendly at aaaaaalll

  4. every time i see a bowling place i remember “The Dude”

    i used to bowl in the 90’s in Safer international hotel-Bnaid al-Gar and i enjoyed it

  5. zabo0o6a

    i go there often during my breaks to have lunch or wmothing since it’s nearby my college , i played bowling once and broke a nail so0 i decided not play again :P

  6. pearls: its fun thats for sure!

    extinct dodo: if you go at odd times its very friendly! Don’t go at night or on weekends is my assumption!

    vampire: same here thats why I was so bad!!

    zabo0o6a: damn that must have hurt!!! I can’t imagine breaking a nail!! My work is two minutes away from there!

    Laialy: looooool! niether is it mine but still entertaining!

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