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24 – Season 6 OMG!


If pictures are worth a thousand words then this picture says it all.

First off I do know some people saying that season 5 was better then season 6, and I agree on some parts but this season gave Jack a more human feel and you felt that he isn’t invincible!

Jack survived through hell just to start this 6th of day of his country’s crisis! He always put his life on the line and did whatever was asked of him which is usually considered impossible of any human to even comprehend. The ending got to me because now a lot of things have been closed and it leaves the next season completely open with new lines to be approached.

I felt bad for the guy, he does so much and he gets screwed every time. Nobody messes with Jack Bauer, I can’t wait for next season, its going to be a long wait until January of 2008.