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The License


So what exactly happened:

Two months ago a speeding camera too a picture of me going 145 kph in a 120 kph highway on the way to the airport. I thought no problem I’m only a little over, so no real problem.

I had to do a few things to change the registration of vehicle into my name, then there was this obstacle of a hold. Online it said I had a 20 KD fine for going over the speed limit by 20 kph. I thought no problem but it turns out because I had a previous speeding ticket from over 8 months ago they gave me two points and I had to have my license revoked for two months.

That is just ridiculous, they give out points whenever they want and I didn’t even know the point system they mentioned back in September is in place. I don’t know why they don’t just increase the fine, I honestly try to avoid the cameras so that I don’t pay too much. Putting these suspensions is stupid, I’m still going to drive, its not really going to stop anyone. But fines which stop your work and personal fines getting processed then you are going to pay and not get into too much trouble.

After a little tugging and pulling here and there I got it cleared without getting my license pulled, but the whole run around is just ridiculous!

They have a stupid system and its pointless!