The License


So what exactly happened:

Two months ago a speeding camera too a picture of me going 145 kph in a 120 kph highway on the way to the airport. I thought no problem I’m only a little over, so no real problem.

I had to do a few things to change the registration of vehicle into my name, then there was this obstacle of a hold. Online it said I had a 20 KD fine for going over the speed limit by 20 kph. I thought no problem but it turns out because I had a previous speeding ticket from over 8 months ago they gave me two points and I had to have my license revoked for two months.

That is just ridiculous, they give out points whenever they want and I didn’t even know the point system they mentioned back in September is in place. I don’t know why they don’t just increase the fine, I honestly try to avoid the cameras so that I don’t pay too much. Putting these suspensions is stupid, I’m still going to drive, its not really going to stop anyone. But fines which stop your work and personal fines getting processed then you are going to pay and not get into too much trouble.

After a little tugging and pulling here and there I got it cleared without getting my license pulled, but the whole run around is just ridiculous!

They have a stupid system and its pointless!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I think you have o bay much attention to the cameras, from now on. You know it’s there somewhere and you know it’s no avoidable.
    Good luck.

  2. I’ve been driving for over 2 years now without a driving license… I get scared sometimes when I see a police vehicle, but thank god nuthin went wrong eva since… And about my license, I lost it somewhere and I can neva remember where :/

  3. Izgerty

    Get a radar detector.

  4. i do my best to avoid paying money to MOI , they don’t deserve my money, most cops are the ones breaking the law, most of them r corrupt, have connections with drug dealers, (tejjar eqamat & layali 7amra) , so.. what do u expect ?

    F the Police !!!

  5. nooooooooooooo ambaaaaaaaaaih!!! just checked my mokhalafat wtf am i gona do!

  6. I just checked as well! Ouch! Is there a way to pay online? lol..

  7. Hi Marzouk,

    I occasionally read your blog as I find it interesting sometimes and being an Indian gives me a peek into the mindset of a local youth. Nice reading. Kuwaiti youth for most expats mean high spending, speeding, spoilt brats but it’s refreshing to read blogs from you and a few other Kuwaiti youth who come across well read, travelled and intelligent.

    Now, with a blog as this one pl. don’t spoil my attitude! :-) Overrspeeding… complaining about fines….finding shortcuts…. driving without licence…??? Well …. I am not surprised, but a bit disappointed and also with the responses you got for this blog. Not even a single person to call something wrong as ‘WRONG’?

    Meanwhile, please remember that there is at least one Indian reading your blogs, so when you comment on prices of mobiles, TV’s and the like, do include the medium priced ones too. Keep blogging …. :-)

  8. jewaira

    you’re just a bad boy Marzouq! :P

  9. damn!
    i mean it’s only reasonable that you pay the fine put for 2 point to get your license revoked is STUPID
    “license pulled” looooool = es7ibow ejazty :p

  10. Its doesnt matter what nationality you are. Kuwaitis and expats alike are getting screwed by the MOI. They change the rules from time to time and fine you for silly things. And if you know a guy with a few stars on his shoulder (or if you have wasta) its no problem ! WTF ?? :(
    MOI needs a major revamp

  11. I believe that Kuwait’s second source of income is from parking tickets. I mean do those cameras make things safer?

  12. Muh’d M. Mansour: I do usually pay attention, but the revoking of license for the sake of two speeding tickets over a one year period is rediculous!

    BLaSha: Loosing your license is different then getting it revoked. Why don’t you get another one?

    Izgerty: planning on it!

    bo9ager: exactly! bes lail7een it pisses me off!

    EniGma: looooool! Yeah you get that reaction!

    N: you can pay online except if there is a hold!

    I Think: I think you misunderstood my angle, I am fully aware that I am breaking the law and I don’t mind paying a fine, the fine isn’t my problem. The scale of punishment for revoking the license is just rediculous, they revoke it for anything. In the states only the court can take your license not the cop, and it has to be justified. What I am complaining about is the inconsistency and not being able to take care of the fine without rediculous hoops. A 20 KD fine and revoking a license is rediculous, they should put a 100 KD fine and I won’t be speeding anytime soon, thats a fact. That is how it was in the states, I didn’t speed after I get a fine which hurts. Revoking the license is just dumb and doesn’t do anything but cripple someone’s credibility to do their day job which is against the law in the States.

    Regarding the mobiles and TVs I am only putting prices of new products, I don’t put old products unless its a full sale of the whole line.

    Jewaira: very much so!

    Laialy: EXACTLY!!! es7iow ejazty!!! Tarjamta ba3ad ishloon!!!! hehehe

    Mathew: Exactly, MOI needs a realistic penalty system that curbs someone’s actions. So the more tickets you get the more expensive the tickets get. That works, but right now they are just incompitent and can’t operate!

    Angelo: The camera’s don’t do anything! They just jam on the breaks really really hard and jolt traffic!

  13. Damn.. The revoked your driving license? That’s really horrible. I never knew the rules in Kuwait and authorities can be this tough.

    What you said is very true. Having your license revoked will not stop you from driving. But again, fines sometime do not work as some people do not care if they pay a ton of fines whenever they go re-register their vehicles.

  14. Amjad: They didn’t revoke my license they tried but I worked around it! They will stop to pay the fines, that is how it will be affected. I think when the fines are high it will work.

    BLaSha: ask someone to take care of it for you!

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