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Wednesday Crashing!


I had a few things planned to watch but the highlight of the night is 24, that is what I was looking forward to all week long. I downloaded the MKV 720P version of episodes 23 and 24 on Tuesday to watch on Wednesday night. When I started burning the episodes to DVD the programs said it would take 5 hours for both episodes, which is a lot longer then usual, usually its 2 hours to convert and burn to DVD.

So when I started the converting and burning process Wednesday morning after it finished downloading I started the process and left for work. When I came back it said the file fragmented at the end and so the burning process got canceled and I had to start up again. The whole system was acting extra slow, so I found that a bit strange. I restarted the system and tried it again, and it said that the file was fragmented and so I had to find another solution. I know my DVD player plays DIVX files so I tried burning the episodes straight to DVD on another PC while the main computer continues with the converting and burning.

Then my main PC crashed, and I tried sharing my media to the X-Box 360 through the network but it wouldn’t play any of my files since they were MKV files. I was going nuts, then I tried one last thing which was burning each episode as a DVD on its own and cross my fingers. Then the X-Box 360 wasn’t playing my games, it wouldn’t play Ghost Recon, or Gears of War, and then I noticed it scratched my disk. I then tried I game I don’t like it and the damn thing scratched my other disk as well. So my X-Box 360 went out the window since only Microsoft in the US can fix an X-Box 360 which starts scratching disks.

So two things weren’t out that night, but I was keeping my fingers crossed and later in the night I managed to burn 24 Episode 23 on one disc and Episode 24 on another disc. I was very that worked out but now my X-Box 360 is out of commission.