Wednesday Crashing!


I had a few things planned to watch but the highlight of the night is 24, that is what I was looking forward to all week long. I downloaded the MKV 720P version of episodes 23 and 24 on Tuesday to watch on Wednesday night. When I started burning the episodes to DVD the programs said it would take 5 hours for both episodes, which is a lot longer then usual, usually its 2 hours to convert and burn to DVD.

So when I started the converting and burning process Wednesday morning after it finished downloading I started the process and left for work. When I came back it said the file fragmented at the end and so the burning process got canceled and I had to start up again. The whole system was acting extra slow, so I found that a bit strange. I restarted the system and tried it again, and it said that the file was fragmented and so I had to find another solution. I know my DVD player plays DIVX files so I tried burning the episodes straight to DVD on another PC while the main computer continues with the converting and burning.

Then my main PC crashed, and I tried sharing my media to the X-Box 360 through the network but it wouldn’t play any of my files since they were MKV files. I was going nuts, then I tried one last thing which was burning each episode as a DVD on its own and cross my fingers. Then the X-Box 360 wasn’t playing my games, it wouldn’t play Ghost Recon, or Gears of War, and then I noticed it scratched my disk. I then tried I game I don’t like it and the damn thing scratched my other disk as well. So my X-Box 360 went out the window since only Microsoft in the US can fix an X-Box 360 which starts scratching disks.

So two things weren’t out that night, but I was keeping my fingers crossed and later in the night I managed to burn 24 Episode 23 on one disc and Episode 24 on another disc. I was very that worked out but now my X-Box 360 is out of commission.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Carlsb3rg

    why would it start scratching disks ? :S

  2. Microsoft . Microsoft. Microsoft… Oh Boy.. poor you.. Switch to Apple and rest assure your mind and time :-)

  3. oh buddy thats bad news ! :(
    so now do you have to ship the 360 to US ?
    Tough luck dude.

  4. Your wasting your time converting MKV to DVD .. DVD is lower quality than the normal HDTV files. The only semi-benefit is 5.1 sound (if it even converts).

    Put a media pc in your Diwaniya already!

  5. on the bright side I downloaded you a ton of xbox live arcade games onto your xbox and i also used your xbox credits to buy the full version of street fighter II which is always great fun to play. who needs the cdrom drive to work when you can play games like UNO, Pinball EX and Street Fighter II from xbox live arcade :)

  6. Eddy

    dont lose hope…im sure there must be some shop in rihab which might be able to fix ur 360…..

  7. yeah there are, they just replace the drive for u.

  8. This is just awful. I hate when anything electronic crashes and now it seems you have two dilemmas to deal with. How about taking your 360 to any of repairing store in Rihab complex…surely somebody can help you there. Well at least you didn’t get the 360’s ring of red…so that’s a good thing. I also think that the games that were scratches are still playable…try them using your friends’ 360s.

    Good Luck Marzouq :)

  9. Carlsb3rg: its one of the issues that the original Xbox 360s had!!

    Triple M: Seriously!! It was driving me nuts!!

    G-Funk: Apple made a crappy game console but that didn’t work out!!! hehehe! I’m fine with what I have!! don’t worry!! hehehe

    Mathew: Seriously, it sucks!!! Yeah it seems the only way is to send it to the states with the original reciept!

    K: I want to get the right system together to put a media PC in the basement! You can help me out with that!

    Mark: Dude you spent 1000 of my Microsoft points!! I just saw it today!! Just for that I will woop you in Street Fighter!!! Don’t think fixing it is that simple!

    Eddy: I will be checking Rihab!!

    Angelo: Thanks bud, I’m looking for solutions and I will hopefully be able to get it done!!!

  10. dude.. i would advise you to buy a TVISTO .. you can copy all your DIVX files into this Hard Drive and play them directly on the TV… not copying and burning … its instant… :-) i can lend you mine if you need to try it out.

  11. May it rest in peace
    *dum dum da dum, dum da dum da dum de duuuuuuuuuuum*

  12. lfc-q8

    Z as i told u before get an HD player case sold in hawalli for 15 kd and get a laptop hard disk and ur all set all the shows portible

  13. tvisto is not a network player.. its in simple .. an HD enclosure, with a TV output and embedded linux

  14. Rayboy: The thing is I want HDMI playback with highquality sound and that is difficult to find these days from that type of machine! Also it doesn’t play H.264 files which is most of what I have!

    Laialy: looooooooooooooooooool!

    Mark: I’m thinking of something else at this point!

    G-Funk: maybe with the hacks for it can do a lot!

    K: hahaha! We shall see!!

    lfc-q8: doesn’t do the job for hi-def playback!

  15. lfc-Q8

    Z then get the one i posted a while back it has hi-def not like the dvd will give you hi-def

  16. lfc-q8: I was thinking about getting that, but the problem is the company processing is hell! I’m looking at other choices at this point!!

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