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Thursday Night


After the nice ride I decided to head over to my cousin’s place to watch some Jericho. I keep hearing that its a great show and I had about 22 episodes of it, except for episode 7, I can’t seem to find episode 7! So I burned 5 episodes onto DVD and I headed over to my cousin’s house a little later then usual. I went straigt to the basement and got everything ready, my cousin wasn’t in his usual place.

He came down after a little bit and we started watching, and of course had our usual Orange Sherbert as we were watching. Later in the evening my other cousin decided to join us for dinner and he started watching Jericho with us. I was happy he was adhering to the rules of no talking, and it didn’t help that I was being a little … physical.. with whoever was distrupting the show, zero tolerance. I got them both hooked on Jericho, its a great show and they should have another season, it has a bit of Lost in it where you aren’t sure of everyone there and your trying to piece everything together but its much better in my opinion.