Thursday Ride


I left work around 1 pm and I just went straight to the sea side to ride home! Suprisingly it wasn’t as hot as I was expecting, as I was riding the weater was fluctuating between 34 – 39 degrees. What was nice as I was riding down the seaside I would get a cool breeze every once in a while. It was a time when the streets were empty and I was enjoying the roads as if they were my own track! The only problem I had was the damn stop lights! There were too many of them, I rode the seaside from Shuweikh all the way to Miseelah Beach Hotel.


The only issue I had were people who were on the road weren’t paying attention, it seems the heat was getting to them even though they had A/C and I didn’t! Then as I was passing Marina Mall my gas light turns on telling me I’m almost out of gas! The problem I faced was that there isn’t any gas station in that area which has the green gas used for high compression engines! My only choice was to ride at low RPMS and keep my momentum going, even at a light I switched off the bike to try to preserve gas. I was trying to get o Bayan gas station from the seaside and with my luck I was going to make, I was hoping for it! As soon the light turned green next to Blajaat I gunned it and tried not to slow down or rev too much, keeping things steady, even at the round about I kept going. Then I cut right into Rumaitheya and I flew to the light and I made it after 14.6 kms! I was riding into the gas station thinking I MADE IT! hehehe! Then I put filled up the tank and rode around for a little while longer.

When I got home I took a very nice cold shower which really hit the spot since I was drenched after riding in that heat!












A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. the pictures are neat
    if you don’t mind me asking … how much is it to fill up a tank of a bike?

  2. !That was an exciting ride!!

    I hope I’ll be doing it soon; I’m just so busy with my project, school and work! I don’t have time to even live

    I still read your posts every day, but have no time to even comment! :(

  3. trixter

    laialy,,,to fill 18litre with green gas i think its almost kd1.750 fils!!!!!!

    nice rear end photos………

  4. please Marzouq,, don’t say “nice cold shower…”

    and yeah,, beautiful a$$

  5. Yeah the weather was nice this thursday. All the carbon bits look really great, especially the clutch cover. The new clutch& brake levers look good too ! :)

  6. Laialy: Thanks! Its around 1 – 1.250 KD! That is the lowest I have reached!

    Nora: Don’t worry I know your busy! I hope you get to ride soon!!!

    trixter: I have never reached that low! At around 1 KD the empty light comes on! lol!

    vampire: looooooooooooool!

    Mathew: Thanks, got a few more modifications to go! You will like them for sure, it will be a slightly drastic change!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: No problem!

  7. mashallaa
    so economically it’s a good choice if you don’t have to carry much

  8. Laialy: Pretty much, you don’t need much, gas is very little but you can cover a lot, but you can’t carry much!!

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