Friday Ride



I got up at 8 am to meet up with Vampire in Khairan to ride back with him. I got on my bike and new it was going to be a quick ride there, we decided to meet somewhere close by to him. I took off on the highway averaging between 200-220 kph all the way there, it was nothing since the highway was some what empty on a Friday morning and I was enjoying myself.

When I got there I went straight to the Al Zoor Gas station since it is the only one with the Super Green fuel, and as I was about to fill up Vampire rode up right next to me. It was a nice surprise to catch each other at te gas station. After filling up we decided to take the inside roads from Bnaider all the way to Mina Abdulla since its curvy and enjoyable. As we were riding we got to the end of Bnaider and saw at least 50 very large white trucks with escorts, it seems the US military are moving around a lot. At the Navy base there we couldn’t take the inside road to continue to Julai’a. What was nice about taking the inside roads was the cool air that we were getting, but they wouldn’t let us through but since we got on the highway we decided to continue and headed to Hilton Manguf Starbucks. We were riding in staggered formation on the highway all the way there, and we both had a close call while riding, I slipped a little on sand and he slipped on a mud spot which we were lucky it held. When we got to Starbucks there was also a motorcycle couple there too and it was nice seeing them out, after getting a quick bite to eat and something cold to drink we continued to ride!

It was a nice day of riding, I just wish it was a little cooler!







A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Jafar

    Actually this weekend the weather was not too bad.I rode my Ducati Multistrada friday evening into town and out.The airflow jacket was a good help.I like your pitures,,,, realy sharp.I know it is all in your eyes but what camera ? pixles do you use ?Tks

  2. nice pictures… I wish I can do the same with you someday…I hope U don’t mind having an Egyptian friend. anyway, it seems fun riding all the way down to Khairan.

  3. i thought riding in the highways for long is tiring with a sport bike,, but this one seems to be friendly (^_^) “` i enjoyed it too “`

    next time enshala my the bike will be “break-in” so i can reach higher speeds

    looking forward for our next ride,, might be the same route,, ehheeheehee

  4. Jafar: It wasn’t too bad later in the day, but during the afternoon it was pretty hot! The camera is Sony M2 (5 MP) its almost four years old at this point! Its a good camera but horrible night shots and you can adjust the focus manually. There are a lot better out there right now!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: There is no differentiation of nationality when riding a bike! You just ride, as long as your enjoying it! Just no crazy stuff!!

    vampire: Yeah it was fun! You were going pretty fast even for the break-in period! If its the same route we go internal this time!!

  5. i wasn’t going faster than what’s recommended in the manual ;)

  6. I don’t think it can get any cooler than this :)

    Yum is that Krispy Kream Donut?

  7. I keep reading about all those bike excursions and Im left with two options, A: Trail with my car… Ummm no
    B: Get my license already and buy a bike, and wait 2 months for it to get to kuwait…… *grumble* *grumble* *grumble*

  8. vampire: very true!! But I like your riding style!! And your picking up quick!

    Angelo: It can get cooler with more bikes! I think that is a Hole-In-One Doughnut!

    Laialy: yup you do!

    Kismat: loooooooooooooooool! Get the license already and start enjoying it!

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